Sunday, June 9, 2013

Where Have you been lately

It feels like every time I come back to my blog another two months have past. How the hell does time fly by so quickly? Is it because I am having too much fun, or is it as I get older things just fly by in an instant. It has been a whirlwind and it's already June.  My best friend got married, I was promoted at work and I have had a work trip to the states in the past two months. So many milestones and no time to stop and enjoy the moment. For those on Instagram I have been posting on there, so you know what I have been up to. If you don't follow me don't be shy come over and say Hello!!!

My addition to anything vintage continues. I picked this beauty up from Dear Gladys in Northcote. A lolly, licorious allsort colourful number from Germany and a rarity, its cotton!! I tried it on and it was like it was made for me(maybe it is the small amount of German heritage that helped, Ha!). Ring a ding, I bought it.

Dress from Dear Gladys, Bardot Ring Samantha Wills

So to my Best Friend's Wedding...Lady Helen tied the knot and I can only sum up the happiness and love of the day by this candid image I snapped just after the ceremony.

Lady Helen looked absolutely radiant against the beautiful back drop of the winery, surrounded by her family and friends and her new hubby.

An amazing day, that makes me smile every time I think about it!

LEFT:  My grandmother in 1980 RIGHT: Me 2013
The one thing I love about a wedding is the fact you can get dressed up. I had a few options but going on theme and in line with my new "addiction" of Vintage I remembered I had a dress of my grandmothers that she gave to me years ago.
I posted on Instagram my outfit, my Aunt saw this and then sent me the above left image of my grandmother 33 years earlier wearing the same dress. I love vintage!!

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