Monday, June 10, 2013

The Palace gets a Make Over

The Palace hasn't had a mention on the Lady Fable for a while. I have finally finished making it pretty! The final touches were the kitchen. Thanks to King Fable (Dad) it would not have happened, he is the best handyman as he is a perfectionist.

The kitchen is tiny in the palace. So small I can't fit dinner plates in the cupboards normally. Annoying, but this is a good thing as I have no room for unnecessary kitchen gadgets that I would like to have......

Palace Kitchen Before
 White, white, white, blah. As you can see the back wall was boring and flat and not practical. Having plasterboard next to the stove top was a nightmare for food splatter. The kitchen is small and has little storage space.

Palace Kitchen After it's mini facelift
White is still here but with the addition of some texture of some tiles. Pretty and practical. Whats even better I got the subway style tiles from a friends reno that was left over (for a reasonalble price) Score!! The long tiles make the kitchen look bigger too!!

After: the Palace Kitchen
I got the floating shelves and ceramic barrels from the ever cool Temple & Webster. Which break up the white and also give the illusion of space.  I am so happy with the kitchen.

Now I need a new project! New house maybe?

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