Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Wardrobe Revelation

With Lord Fable away I have been trying to keep myself out of trouble as I mentioned last week. One thing that I have been avoiding for the last month is my wardrobe. It is packed full of clothes to the point that I had forgotten that I had some lovely summer dresses I bought back in August. I only found them two weeks ago.

It was time for an intervention, today was the day. I needed some form of structure or order to my built in wardrobe. My revelation is that I think a have a problem.......a vintage problem. I didn't realise it but I have, in the past 12 months purchased somewhere around the figure of 15 vintage dresses. I just cant stop.

My justification is if I had gone to a retail store and bought the same amount I would be up for a lot more $$ and 1000 other girls would be rocking the same outfit. That's what I love about buying these beauties, no one else will have them.

The ease of purchasing vintage has got some much easier. Gone are the days of rifling through the racks of Savers, St Vinnies or your local Thrift shop. There are some darlings that have run their businesses online and through facebook, so that you can purchase in your PJ's in the comfort of your own couch. A regular for me is Grandma Funk. I have bought about 8 pieces from her in the last 12 months, Mel has a great collection of Japanese vintage and also frequents vintage markets. I recently went to the Mister Mode Night market in conjunction with L'oreal Fashion Week and picked up not one but four (see I do have a problem!!) dresses.

I decided to get Lady Maddie to help me out and take some pics of my new purchases so that I can share with you all.

I am a lover of prints and you can't get this sort of quality of print on a garment in the stores. Unless you are willing to pay and arm and a leg. I got these pretties for $25 each. A bargain in my eyes.

I love the the blue and white dress so elegant and unique, the cane weave print is great. The white stripe on the hem and sleeves is so striking.

I am thinking I may make this a regular post this little Vintage Addiction I have.

So my question is what do you have in your wardrobe that you can't get enough of or you keep on buying. What is your wardrobe addiction?? Do you like vintage fashion? If you do, share your tips and where you get it below........

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