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Friday Fable

It has been ages since I have posted a Friday Fable. Two things that define you......

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lady Loving: Bellabox

Have you heard of Bellabox? I came across them while reading the latest Womens Fitness magazine. I checked out there site and it is awesome. Why? Everyone loves to get a sample of new beauty products, and Bellabox has a service where you pay a subscription fee and you will receive every month a box of 5-7 sample sized goodies for you to try. 

What was in my May Bellabox delivery

For a monthly fee of $15 (or a yearly subscription of $165 - yes that's one month free) and free delivery you will get a pretty present in the mail! What girl wouldn't want more. What's even better you can review and rate the products to recieve Bella Reward Points to use against your purchases at the Bellabox online store.

It's also a great idea for a gift which I have a special Lady in mind for her upcoming Birthday. Just like a magazine subcription its the gift that keeps on giving!!

We are not talking small tiny sachets either, they are multiple use samples (not full sized but not tini tiny). Notable mention that I have tried so far is the Udderly Smooth cream. Horrible name, but a great moisturiser, especially for my vitamin D difficient winterer skin.

Also loving the Bloom - lip stain in Rhubarb. Goes on easily and is light and doesn't dry out your lips.

So don't hesitate, jump on the Bellabox website and subcribe. I love getting parcels so I have already purchased a yearly subscription.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Palace gets a Make Over

The Palace hasn't had a mention on the Lady Fable for a while. I have finally finished making it pretty! The final touches were the kitchen. Thanks to King Fable (Dad) it would not have happened, he is the best handyman as he is a perfectionist.

The kitchen is tiny in the palace. So small I can't fit dinner plates in the cupboards normally. Annoying, but this is a good thing as I have no room for unnecessary kitchen gadgets that I would like to have......

Palace Kitchen Before
 White, white, white, blah. As you can see the back wall was boring and flat and not practical. Having plasterboard next to the stove top was a nightmare for food splatter. The kitchen is small and has little storage space.

Palace Kitchen After it's mini facelift
White is still here but with the addition of some texture of some tiles. Pretty and practical. Whats even better I got the subway style tiles from a friends reno that was left over (for a reasonalble price) Score!! The long tiles make the kitchen look bigger too!!

After: the Palace Kitchen
I got the floating shelves and ceramic barrels from the ever cool Temple & Webster. Which break up the white and also give the illusion of space.  I am so happy with the kitchen.

Now I need a new project! New house maybe?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Where Have you been lately

It feels like every time I come back to my blog another two months have past. How the hell does time fly by so quickly? Is it because I am having too much fun, or is it as I get older things just fly by in an instant. It has been a whirlwind and it's already June.  My best friend got married, I was promoted at work and I have had a work trip to the states in the past two months. So many milestones and no time to stop and enjoy the moment. For those on Instagram I have been posting on there, so you know what I have been up to. If you don't follow me don't be shy come over and say Hello!!!

My addition to anything vintage continues. I picked this beauty up from Dear Gladys in Northcote. A lolly, licorious allsort colourful number from Germany and a rarity, its cotton!! I tried it on and it was like it was made for me(maybe it is the small amount of German heritage that helped, Ha!). Ring a ding, I bought it.

Dress from Dear Gladys, Bardot Ring Samantha Wills

So to my Best Friend's Wedding...Lady Helen tied the knot and I can only sum up the happiness and love of the day by this candid image I snapped just after the ceremony.

Lady Helen looked absolutely radiant against the beautiful back drop of the winery, surrounded by her family and friends and her new hubby.

An amazing day, that makes me smile every time I think about it!

LEFT:  My grandmother in 1980 RIGHT: Me 2013
The one thing I love about a wedding is the fact you can get dressed up. I had a few options but going on theme and in line with my new "addiction" of Vintage I remembered I had a dress of my grandmothers that she gave to me years ago.
I posted on Instagram my outfit, my Aunt saw this and then sent me the above left image of my grandmother 33 years earlier wearing the same dress. I love vintage!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Wardrobe Revelation

With Lord Fable away I have been trying to keep myself out of trouble as I mentioned last week. One thing that I have been avoiding for the last month is my wardrobe. It is packed full of clothes to the point that I had forgotten that I had some lovely summer dresses I bought back in August. I only found them two weeks ago.

It was time for an intervention, today was the day. I needed some form of structure or order to my built in wardrobe. My revelation is that I think a have a problem.......a vintage problem. I didn't realise it but I have, in the past 12 months purchased somewhere around the figure of 15 vintage dresses. I just cant stop.

My justification is if I had gone to a retail store and bought the same amount I would be up for a lot more $$ and 1000 other girls would be rocking the same outfit. That's what I love about buying these beauties, no one else will have them.

The ease of purchasing vintage has got some much easier. Gone are the days of rifling through the racks of Savers, St Vinnies or your local Thrift shop. There are some darlings that have run their businesses online and through facebook, so that you can purchase in your PJ's in the comfort of your own couch. A regular for me is Grandma Funk. I have bought about 8 pieces from her in the last 12 months, Mel has a great collection of Japanese vintage and also frequents vintage markets. I recently went to the Mister Mode Night market in conjunction with L'oreal Fashion Week and picked up not one but four (see I do have a problem!!) dresses.

I decided to get Lady Maddie to help me out and take some pics of my new purchases so that I can share with you all.

I am a lover of prints and you can't get this sort of quality of print on a garment in the stores. Unless you are willing to pay and arm and a leg. I got these pretties for $25 each. A bargain in my eyes.

I love the the blue and white dress so elegant and unique, the cane weave print is great. The white stripe on the hem and sleeves is so striking.

I am thinking I may make this a regular post this little Vintage Addiction I have.

So my question is what do you have in your wardrobe that you can't get enough of or you keep on buying. What is your wardrobe addiction?? Do you like vintage fashion? If you do, share your tips and where you get it below........

Sunday, March 24, 2013

WTF it's nearly April.....and Fashion Week

The last three months have flown, it has been a busy couple, that is for sure. Even though Lord Fable has been away working in Middle Earth (Mt Isa) and looks like a hairy little hobbit (Hipster beard) and has been away from me for 7 weeks and 4 days (but who's counting), I have kept my self out of trouble, although I have neglected this page.

But on to the fun stuff. It was fashion week this week. An excuse to get frocked up and go out with the girls. I went with the girls from the office.

It was a great night. We saw the new collections from Alice McCall, Ginger & Smart, ksubi, LIFEwithBIRD, Michael Lo Sordo, Tigerlily and YB J'Aime by Yeojin Bae. Powersuits, floral Jumpsuits and  Psychedelic prints were the key trends from the show.

I went to Docklands last night to go to Mister Mode Fashion Night Market (i will post about this later in the week) but we stumbled upon a Sportsgirl projection show outside Central Pier. In conjunction with the Graduate Runway show Sportsgirl in conjunction with the Vanguard and 3 Deep Design put on the most amazing projection show.  All to music, the space was converted to the most amazing light projection show using the space as is.  I only had my iPhone but you get the idea on the impact that it had.

It was a remarkable show and had great impact, people were buzzing around taking pictures, eating pop corn that was handed out and was something I would expect to see in New York not Melbourne. I love it when you get a unexpected surprise.

Anyway lights our for me I hope you have a nice short week. Bring on Easter Break!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HELLO 2013, (but not without a quick recap of 2012!)

2012 flew past so quickly, a year that had many highlights and a few low-lights. But today is a new day and a new year and with that comes exciting new possibilities and opportunities. Today Lord Fable flies to "Middle Earth" to start a new job. I am totally thrilled that he has the opportunity to do what he wants to do, even though he will be a million miles away and be on a three week on, one week off roster.

Every year I post about my goals for the year. This year I just want to be happy, enjoy life and spend it with my cherished family and my friends. Be healthy and be safe. Be positive and smile. Simple.

In my inconsistant couple years of blogging, this year has been the funnest and most eventful. Here are some of my highlights on Lady Fable for 2012.

L'avion Styling Competition

In February I was lucky enough to be asked to participate in a blogger style competition. I had a complete ball doing my first blogger type comp!

New York

I fell in love with New York, again. Read my love letter to the city here

Hot Air balloon across Melbourne

For my 30th Lord Fable got us a voucher for a Hot Air Balloon trip. Amaze!! Definitely recommend it!

Twice a Bag Lady

Is it strange that one can fall in love with a bag. I have fallen for a blue baby and and orange one last year!

Samantha Wills Preview

 I was invited by Bec from SW to view their Wanderlust collection! Was great to see the entire range and have a play with some amazing jewellery. View my post here!

The Problogger Conference Probably the best money I had spent all year. Insightful people, content and opened my eyes to the possibility of what Bloggers can do in the big old world. Just need to put it into play....

And Finally..........Kick Arse recipes you need to know!

I became a bit of an experimenter in the kitchen and whipped up some amazing bits and bobs (and some not so amazing!) Here are my published recipes from the blog.

Healthy Muffins

The Best Ever Rice Salad
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