Monday, August 6, 2012

Motivate Monday

I have dropped my fitness regime over the last couple of months. I was a on a strict program of 5 sessions a week at the gym. My choice of exercise is bootcamp. Why? It is different every session and I have gained some good friends in the process. They are a great incentive to get up at 5am in the morning and get moving.

So my dear friends at bootcamp have roped me in to sign up for Tough Mudder in Sydney on the 22nd of September. As a group we decided we were not going to hard core train until August, as we were either away for work or on holidays. Today our training began and as we work our way to that day in September, I will be posting every Monday in regards to fitness and my training and have aptly named it "Motivate Monday".

In preparation for Tough Mudder I thought I would do some research.... I made the mistake of watching some YouTube videos of previous Tough Mudder events. I have been traumatised all week. For those who don't know Tough Mudder is a 20km obstacle course that has you jumping off platforms, crawling through mud, scaling walls and the one that got me was the ice bath. I know, not very lady like at all. This will not stop me, I have said I would do it and when I put my mind to things, I do!!

So to start my week, I went to a bootcamp session. My new motivation isn't my friends or that fact I need to train for a deadly 20km obstacle course, its my Nike+ Fuel Band.
My new Nike Fuel Band

While in the States, I picked one up at Nike mainly out of curiosity. I paid $162USD and decided to give it a go.  This thing is addictive and is all the motivation I need at the moment! It looks just like a livestrong band but is black, tells the time, works as a pedometer, how many calories you have burned and your Nike Fuel.  You then take it off and it has a awesome in built usb that connects to the Nike Fuel website and uploads all your data. You can set goals and it tells me how you are tracking. I love it.

It is not yet available throughout Australia from what I can find but you can order it through the NikeID site for $198.

This bracelet has given me the push to get started again, what motivates you to get fit?

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