Monday, August 20, 2012

Motivate Monday: Part 3: Quote me

Ok, for those that visit Lady Fable frequently you know I like a good quote. Today I am giving you some Friday Fable-ness on a Monday! All of course themed on things to get you moving, believe in yourself and keep on going!

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fable

Monday, August 13, 2012

Motivate Monday : Part two : Workout gear to get you moving!!

For my first post in my series of Motivate Monday, I talked about new technology to get you motivated to get moving. Today, I am bringing some of my Real Life work into Lady Fable.  Every girl needs to feel good and look good while working out and the right workout gear is an essential for this. Leluu is a brand that I work on in the "Real World" and today I want to share with you the new Leluu Spring/Summer collection.

Leluu is a women's active wear label that gives women a range of statement workout pieces paired back with practical essential items to ensure women look and feel their best whilst

The Summer 2012 range hit stores last month with hues of pastel fluro pinks, citrus tones, warm reds and vibrant purple. All Leluu fabrics in the workout collection have moisture management, a feature that wicks sweat away from your skin and are super comfortable.

Leluu Core Tank in Sugar Plum and Power Capri in Black/Sugar Plum
Leluu Zap Tank in Cayenne and Leluu Core Bra in Blue Mare
Layering is the key trend this season offering many pieces designed to be mixed and matched. We at Leluu truly believe colour makes you happy, therefore bright colours and
graphic prints are a strong feature of the Spring/Summer collection. A rainbow of neon
sports bras can be paired back with loose fitting mesh tanks and graphic print shorts and
leggings, injecting a little colour and fun into every girl's life.

Leluu Core Bra in Light Mint and Lotus Short in Black/light Mint

Body Tech Tank in Cayenne and Jog Short in Splatter

Leluu Workout Vest in Blue Mare and Jog Short in Splatter

So ladies, if you want to get you hands on some Leluu gear to get you moving, the range is currently available through Iconic Sport and they offer free shipping. If you are in Melbourne Active Bodies in Hampton stock Leluu as well as the Leluu Boutique in High Street Armadale.

Active Bodies

 5/498 Hampton Street, Hampton
(03) 9533 5222

Leluu Armadale
1230 High street, Armadale
(03) 9576 0333

Find Leluu on Facebook too here or visit the website

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Fable

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Motivate Monday

I have dropped my fitness regime over the last couple of months. I was a on a strict program of 5 sessions a week at the gym. My choice of exercise is bootcamp. Why? It is different every session and I have gained some good friends in the process. They are a great incentive to get up at 5am in the morning and get moving.

So my dear friends at bootcamp have roped me in to sign up for Tough Mudder in Sydney on the 22nd of September. As a group we decided we were not going to hard core train until August, as we were either away for work or on holidays. Today our training began and as we work our way to that day in September, I will be posting every Monday in regards to fitness and my training and have aptly named it "Motivate Monday".

In preparation for Tough Mudder I thought I would do some research.... I made the mistake of watching some YouTube videos of previous Tough Mudder events. I have been traumatised all week. For those who don't know Tough Mudder is a 20km obstacle course that has you jumping off platforms, crawling through mud, scaling walls and the one that got me was the ice bath. I know, not very lady like at all. This will not stop me, I have said I would do it and when I put my mind to things, I do!!

So to start my week, I went to a bootcamp session. My new motivation isn't my friends or that fact I need to train for a deadly 20km obstacle course, its my Nike+ Fuel Band.
My new Nike Fuel Band

While in the States, I picked one up at Nike mainly out of curiosity. I paid $162USD and decided to give it a go.  This thing is addictive and is all the motivation I need at the moment! It looks just like a livestrong band but is black, tells the time, works as a pedometer, how many calories you have burned and your Nike Fuel.  You then take it off and it has a awesome in built usb that connects to the Nike Fuel website and uploads all your data. You can set goals and it tells me how you are tracking. I love it.

It is not yet available throughout Australia from what I can find but you can order it through the NikeID site for $198.

This bracelet has given me the push to get started again, what motivates you to get fit?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lady Loving

What am I loving right now....lots of things, especially the winter sun that is beaming through my study window while I am typing. But I wanted to kick off my blog drought with some of my favourite things and finds that I have bought, done or found over the last month.

1.  Marc Jacobs Sneaker Wedges
I wanted a pair of sneaker wedges when I first saw them earlier in the year. While in New York I has wee splurge and bought myself a pair from Bloomingdales. (Tip: anyone that is travelling and shopping in Bloomy's you can get a 10% discount, it pretty much cuts out the tax at the register) I love these boots, have worn them twice this week to work and they are super comfy and cool.

2. MOO
I dont mean the cow variety. are a UK based print company that delivered my Lady Fable Business cards this week. Their process is simple, you upload your design (or use one of theirs) pick your paper stock, finish and WaLa, your business cards are done. I choose the normal delivery so I had to wait a month, but they have the option to express deliver. Their customer service is excellent, and this is had to come by in my experiece with online printing companys.

The other awesome feature is that your Moo cards can have is multiple faces, up to 50 in fact!  I only chose three, but I have have different colours on the back of my cards. It is great as you can use them as a showcase of your work, dependent on what you do.

They also come in a card holder with dividers for your cards and all the other cards you pick up from other lovely people. I did a small run of 50 and it cost me around $26.00AUD. I believe that to be a bargain.

3. Getting my Geek on - New Macbook Pro with Retina Display
I had been looking at the new MacBook Pro online since its release a month or so ago, but have you seen it in the flesh? I was in the Apple store on Thursday night and it is a beauty (Yes, I am a geek!) I currently have a 17" Macbook, it is heavy and clunky and it as pain in the a$$ to travel with.  The new one only weighs 2kg (I am talking the 15" model) and is super skinny. This is due to the fact that there is no disc drive, I am not crying over the loss of it as I can't remember the last time I used the disc drive. I have instantly fallen in love with it and it is on my I want it list.

Image source. Apple

4. It's not what you know, it's who!
On my recent trip for work, my bested Lady, Beauty Voyeur was in NYC the same time as me on her belated Honeymoon. This was good for me for two reasons. The first being for years I have been (happily) her make-up mule. She would send me a list and then I would make a stop at Sephora and M.A.C to get her a supply. I would then mule it back for her. So I had more room in my case this trip  for my own shopping!!

The second reason is Beauty Voyeur has a MAC pro card as she is a Pro Makeup Artist, so as I was with her one day we went into a MAC store and we got to stock up on MAC product at discounted (the US prices are ridiculously cheap in comparison to the Australian prices already) price. Amazing!!

5. A lady can never have enough dresses. 
I love dresses, I bought two beautiful dresses on my trip for summer, but I have fallen for another (my poor credit card!!). The Transcendance Dress is by DeCjuba can be dressed up or down and is available now for $149.95.

The Transcendance Dress  by DeCjuba
Have a lovely weekend Ladies and Lord's!
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