Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Three B's - My Perfect Day

Have you ever had a day that was perfect? I had a perfect day last Saturday, filled with the three B's. Besties, a Bubba and Buying stuff.

My day began with the sun shining and I met Lady Helen in Kensington for some breakfast. We went to a little place on Rankins Road Luncheonette. Cute, quaint and great coffee which is very important to this lady.

From there we made our way to the lovely Miss Fox for our Birthday massages. It was my second visit here and I was lucky enough to get the same therapist again. The massage was great, just what we both needed. We sipped on beautiful pear white tea before and after and then floated out in our zen state.

Next stop Laurent for a coffee and my favorite a coffee and vanilla macaron.

The city was bustling and it was a perfect sunny day so we decided to walk to the Royal Exhibition Buildings for anticipated Finders Keepers. This market has been out of action for a while in Melbourne due to it not having a home. Its home for April's was the REB in Carlton. 

Half of Melbourne must had been missing it as it was super busy. Here I met Lady Anita and Princess B, who had shopped up a storm and had only got through half the market. It was busy and hard to see everything or even take pics.

I really didn't have any intention of buying a thing, but on the home stretch I hit The Story Book Rabbit and Hermans Cousin Harriet. Here my poor little credit card had a bit of a workout. I bought two gorgeous vintage dresss from Herman's Cousin Harriet and Two cute illustrated vintage plates from The Storybook Rabbit.

The dresses need a little tender love and care and some alterations and I will show you these in a post once they are done.

The plates are just a little bit of fun. If you don't already know, I am very fond of French Bulldogs and unfortunately the Palace is not the right home for a puppy. So if I cant have a real one, I might as well have one on a pretty vintage plate. Well, that was the justification that I was saying to myself as I handed over the credit card.

After the market we sat in the gardens and let Princess B roll around on her blanket and the three of us just talked and I got some cuddles from the Princess. An hour had quickly past and it was time to make our way back to the car. Not before a drink and Emerald Peacock.

So that was my perfect day, spending it with lovely ladies and a Princess and of course spending a little of my hard earned.

What would make your perfect day?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday Fable

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bag Lady

One night last week Miss Madame posted a image of a bag. A blue, beauty, with gold buckle. The colour just popped! I wanted it. So last Saturday, Lady Martine and I made a trip to Miss Madame in Templestowe.  In the flesh this bag is so beautiful, the colour is intense and the lining is also to die for!

At the moment this baby is my one true love which brings me to the brand My One True Love. Fitting I thought! This bag is the perfect size for work, it holds my purse, ipad, notebook and my makeup.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sneak Peak: Samantha Wills "The Wanderlust"

I was lucky enough to have a preview for the up and coming Spring/Summer line for Samantha Wills' new collection, "The Wanderlust". One word, Amazing! 

The Wanderlust is inspired but Samantha's experiences and adventures when exploring the world. The range has a strong pallete of corals and turquoise with hints of cobalt's and yellow. 

I was greeted with tables set up with the collection. I am very much a ring girl but I was mesmorised by the great statement earrings. Samantha's range has a strong bohemian theme with a hint of sparkle, which it is encouraged to wear both either day or night.

Samantha Wills is all about, layering, no rules and big statement pieces. Please see my highlights of the range. All product will be in store from July. Check out the Samantha Wills website for stockists and more details.

How amazing are these earrings!!??

Ring a ding-ding, Chunky statement rings by Samantha Wills

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When Lady met a Lady

I have grown up in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne all my life. I have always had to venture to likes of Northcote, Carlton or Fitzroy to get some decent coffee. Well times they are a changing. Master Fable informed me of a new cafe that had opened in Reservoir and he said it was so "Me". I was suspect, a cafe' that was cool in the suburb I grew up in. Then Lady Natalie told me the same, this place is supposed to be great.

What is this place you may ask? Lady Bower Kitchen is this hidden beauty's name and she is grand. Tucked away from the hustle of Multicultural Reservoir in Marchant Avenue, you will see old milk crates and cushions for seating out the front.

This location as far as my memory serves me has been vacant for years. The owners have transformed this place into a cute, quaint place, fit for a Lady!

On the recommendation from Master Fable, I chose the Smashed Avocado with Poached eggs. Amazing. To top it off the coffee was divine. 

I didn't have my camera with me so here are some images off Urbanspoon. The interior is simple, yet there is so much character with the miss-matched furniture and industrial light fittings. It has a real inviting aura about it and the place was busy on Sunday morning, so the residents of Reservoir agree as well. 

Photo credit Lady Bower Kitchen

Photo credit Lady Bower Kitchen

When paying for my delish breaky, they had a pile of scrummy looking scones. That is next on my list to test. Highly Recommend!

Lady Bower Kitchen
1A Marchant Avenue, 
Reservoir VIC 3073
(03) 9469 5851

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday Fable

Who would have thought that Marilyn Munroe would be full of such wise words. Happy Friday Fable, even though it is Saturday morning in the southern hemisphere!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Closet Envy

Before the internet was created, before I started school, I was introduced to a glam lady. She drove a fast car, had a cute boyfriend and had a closet that would put any girl to shame. She was, Barbie. From memory I only had one doll, that my darling brother, Master Fable decided to take to her with a black texta, to give her a few things he thought were missing!

Years have gone past and generations of children before and after me have idolised this perfect picture of a woman. So, why as a 31 year woman am I blabbing on about Barbie. Today was the launch of Barbie's Dream Closet in Sydney. Launched originally at this years NY fashion week, you can work 50 years of Barbies outfits in an interactive experience and print out an image of you.

Here are some images from today's launch in Sydney full of Barbie lovers of all ages and loads of pink, including my favourite macarons!!!

If you were or are a lover of Barbie, have a daughter and want to have a go yourself, BARBIE™ THE DREAM CLOSET will be rolling out the pink carpet at these fab locations in 2012:

April 12 - 15
Westfield Parramatta
159-175 Church St, Parramatta
Opening times:
9:30am – 11:30am
1:30pm – 4:30pm
September 27 – 30
Westfield Chermside
Cnr Gympie & Hamilton Rds Chermside
Opening times:
9:30am – 11:30am
1:30pm – 4:30pm

June 28 – July 1
Westfield Doncaster
619 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster
(Cnr Williamsons Rd)
Opening times:
9:30am – 11:30am
1:30pm – 4:30pm

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lady Loves: Nail Decals

For an Easter gift from the every so lovely Maiden Susan, I was given some Kit Cosmetics Nail Strips. For those who know me, I am slightly obsessed with Nail art at the moment. So this gift was lovely and something that I have not yet tried and tested.
Photos By Lady Fable

So after breakfast this morning I decided to give them a go. You get 20 strips in a pack so you have enough for two rounds. First of all you need to ensure that you have clean nails. Just whip some nail polish remover over them to ensure that you have no oil or residue. Then add a base coat. My favourite is Butter London Nail Foundation. 

Next Step. Peel the sticker/decal off the transparent sheet and place on the appropriate nail.  There will be a large amount of overhang (like the image above) I just trimmed them down until there were a couple of millimetres of decal. Then you file the decal down to the nails edge. 

Walah! you have pretty nails. I added a top coat as recommended on the instructions to ensure they last. 

I have to admit, they do fell strange, especially being glittery they have a funny texture. But the good thing is, you don't have to wait for them to dry and you get an even finish.

Kit also have other designs available.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lady Loving: Anti Gravity Yoga

While watching the Biggest Loser (Yes, it is my guilty pleasure!) I watched the contestants take on the Flying Trapeze. It looked like fun and I jumped straight onto my iPad to see where I could do it in Melbourne. I came across the Flying Trapeze Centre Melbourne. They run a range of beginners classes and courses in Trapeze. They also run Anti-gravity Yoga classes, this quickly distracted me from the Trapeze and before I knew it I had booked myself and Lady E in for a class.

So you may ask what is Anti-gravity yoga? Well, it has all the core principles of Yoga and some Pilates with the difference that you use a silk hammock that is suspended above and sits three feet above the ground. Here is a YouTube clip to give you and idea.

I was so excited about the class, so much that I was banned from saying "Aerial Yoga" at work. I was mesmerised by the every so talented and fit Pink when on her Funhouse tour she twisted, flipped and turned on the Ariel silks. Maybe I could do this..

So the time had come to go to the class. Super enthusiastic, Lady E and I arrived at the Blackburn location for our class. One of the best things is there are only 5 people in a class. It is great as you get the guidance and technique from your instructor. Holly, took our class and was kind to us first timers.

I thought we would only do some basic moves, but within the first five minutes we were upside down in the "Monkey Pose". It was a great relaxed class and were able to talk.

Monkey pose image from Paleo Spirit

I thought that maybe I would look super hot like Pink did in her circus tour she did. Unfortunately and upside down Lady Fable ain't that pretty. I loved the names of some of the Poses, The Peanut, The Mosquito, but my favourite was the Vampire (see below).

Vampire Pose. Image from Paleo Spirit

In short it is a super fun class and after one class I am already hooked. Like a normal yoga class you really work your core and there is also an element of getting past the fear of swinging and hanging upside down. I am so hooked I have booked in for the 5 week course that starts in a couple of weeks.

If you are interested and what to check it out jump on the Flying Trapeze Centre Melbourne website and book online!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Fable

Happy Easter My Lovelies. Friday's Fable is a cutie.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

To Market to Market.....

The last couple of weekends I have been visiting a few Markets. Last weekend I visited The Peoples Market & Flea at Docklands with The Lady of the South.  It is on every Saturday with each section with certain opening and closing times:

Foodies & Farmers: 10:00 am – 2:00pm
Flea: 10:00 am – 4:00pm
Container: 10:00am – 9:00pm

Photo by Lady Fable

Nested in the end of no where, at bottom end of the Docklands they have made nice little home  for this market with a difference. With shipping containers scattered around (that I think are to protect you from the Docklands wind tunnel), it gives it a real industrial feel. At The Peoples Market and Flea you can find Food Stalls, Good Coffee, Fresh Food and Flea stalls. Last week was the launch of the Grill'd Airstream. I got my self a tasty burger and gobbled it up on my make-shift table made from old pallets and milk crates.

The League Coffee

Photo by Lady Fable
The great thing about The People Market as when the sun goes down the lights are still running so you can go down and have a meal and drinks and watch the sun set.

The market is small and still in its start up phase but I believe that it can only get better. I bought a cute vintage pussy bow blouse from the Bleecker Street Vintage Stall, which I hope to show you in an outfit post later next week.

To have a Flea stall it is $35 but if you print a friend you can get two for $50.

Containers with Food Stalls and make-shift tables and chairs

So if you are looking for something to do in Melbourne on a Saturday I would recommend and check out the Peoples Market for yourself. Check out their website for details of what is happening, as there is something on every week and it seams to be every changing. Currently they are call a call for Artists to showcase their work.

The Peoples Market & Flea
453-507 Docklands Drive
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