Monday, March 12, 2012


I was thrilled when I received tickets to the L'Oreal Paris Runway 3 presented by Frankie through the Pr company we use for work. A perfect way to spend the Sunday of the Labour Day weekend. I was so excited I ended up getting there nearly an hour and a half before the show started.

So Firstly to what I wore....

Due to the death of my iron hours before my original outfit did not happen but I was happy with my end result.

Sunglasses - Jimmy Choo
Necklace of neon loveliness - David Aubrey - I wrote about it here.
Shirt - Primark - Cheap Chic
Belt - Forever New
Skirt - Anthropologie
Shoes - Tony Bianco
Gold Clutch - Vintage - Courtesy of my Lovely Babicka (Grandmother)
Watch - Triwa
Nails - Illamasqua Purity on base, Illamasqua Lament on the tips.

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