Saturday, March 31, 2012

Lady Loving: 5 Things that rocked my world this week

What a week! I had a nice four day weekend to celebrate my 2nd 30th (Yes, I had more of an issue turning 31 than what I did 30. I had a fantabolous couple of days off. So this week I would like to share with you the great things that I have discovered and experienced, that well rocked my world

1. Days Off

These things are very rare for me and I forget how bloody good they are! To switch off and catch up with the lovely ladies and their munchkins that I never have time to when I am at work. There is nothing quite like a cuddle and a smile from a child for your Birthday!!! I also love taking photos of my friends kids wearing my sunnies (both my brother and I have these pics in our baby albums) This is my new wallpaper so that every time I look at my phone, I smile.

Supermodel in the making!

2. Who is Hue?

As I wondered through the city on Tuesday afternoon, I came across a cute bag boutique Who is Hue. Situated in the ground floor of Melbourne Central it has every type of bag, clutch and wallet. What is even better is that they currently have some stock on sale. I had my eyes on these beauty's.
Bandit in Black on Sale for $199.95

Isaac in Smoke Snake on Sale for $179.95
I already have enough bags so I walked out empty handed, the saver in me told me I didn't need them. But as I am writing this post I have convinced my self I need and Isaac!!

3. August Empress Store

A month ago I undertook Jo Klima's course Your Darling Blog. It was great to just get a handle on the overall design of my site and see what is working and what is not. I have yet to execute what I designed on the page. But while reading through my Google reader the other night I discovered that Jo has started an August Empress digital store where you can buy social buttons, textures and patterns. Perfect for "Pimping" your blog. She is going to be adding more products throughout April, so definitely a store to bookmark.

4. Hot Air Balloon

For my 1st 30th Lord Fable gave me a voucher for a Hot Air Balloon ride with Global Ballooning. We attempted to go in late February but the lovely Melbourne unpredictable, Bi-Polar weather failed us. We finally got to go on Thursday morning! I am some what fascinated but the beautiful balloons as the pass over the city and I was super excited to go up, up and away. Here are some of the pics that I took on my travels.

Rochford Winery Balloon and Sky abstract photo By Lady Fable

The Gorgeous City of Melbourne

The Nova 100 balloon Landing as the sun rises
 5. Miss Fox
As a treat to myself I booked myself into Miss Fox for a Spa manicure on Tuesday for my birthday. The lovely Erin looked after my paws and made them pretty and red. Situated about Scanlan and Theodore in Little Collins street this Day Spa screams Old school Glam. I had only recently heard of Miss Fox but it has been in operation for nearty a year.

I have booked myself and Lady Helen in for a Massage in April. I cant wait!!

So there is my super week in a nutshell. Did you do anything special this week?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Friday Fable.......on Sunday

This weekend has come about and is a four day weekend for me. Time to recharge the batteries and doing the things that I never find the time to do.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Friday Fable

Source: via Jay on Pinterest

Originally From Jay Roeder

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hair Envy

When you have short hair, you want long hair. When you have curly hair you dream of straight locks. On the other hand if you have straight hair you spend 30 mins curling your hair with a GHD (Guilty).

I am currently wanting to cut another inch of my hair, which currently sits right on my shoulders. Its driving my nuts. But I would love to have long hair (I am just one impatient Lady) If I did though, I would braid my hair in a fishtail pony. Pretty, worn by the lovely ladies at the Frankie LMFF show on Sunday.

Photo from Carly McBeth
Have you got "Hair Envy"?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

5 (make it 6) beauty products I couldn't live without

I was talking to my lovely lady the other day (yes I am talking about you Beauty Voyeur). We were going through my endless pit of makeup and skincare products. It posed a question, if i could only have five products what would they be. I have thought about it and I couldn't do it. I would make do with 6.

This was hard, but these are things that I use every day. Here they are in order from top to bottom, left to right.

1. Shu Uemura Cleanser - This is amazing stuff, doesn't leave your skin feeling dry once washed off
2. Daily Scrub - 10.0.6 One Smooth Operator is a great scrub. I was always told using a scrub once a week is all you need, this is a myth. This one is mild enough to use everyday. Even better it is super cheap and available from Priceline
3. Mascara - I can't live without my Trish McEvoy mascara (which i stock up when i am away) but a good alternative is Dior show for my Aussie ladies!
4. Daily Moisturiser - QV Daily Moisturiser is great! It has a spf 30 rating and once again super affordable and available from Priceline
5. Blush - Nars Orgasm blush - I am cheating here I would use this as a eyeshadow as well.
6. Lip Love - Fresh Rose lip tint - moisturising with a hit a colour perfect!
7. Foundation - Mac Face and Body - This has great coverage and last all day long without feeling heavy.

Monday, March 12, 2012

LMFF - Paris Runway 3 presented by Frankie

So I was lucky enough to score front row seats at the L'Oreal Paris runway #3 last night. Armed with my iPhone 3, I was able to get some pics (the camera isn't the best) Here is a snapshot of the show from last night. My images of the Limedrop and Nevenka parade were horrible, so here is my semi acceptable iPhone snaps of Gorman, Friend of Mine, Kuwaii and Leonard St.


Lady in Red, loving the left hand look!

Pom Poms and Pops

Back to nature and neutrals

Double Pattern by Leonard street

All images taken by me!

For better images check out Fashionising


I was thrilled when I received tickets to the L'Oreal Paris Runway 3 presented by Frankie through the Pr company we use for work. A perfect way to spend the Sunday of the Labour Day weekend. I was so excited I ended up getting there nearly an hour and a half before the show started.

So Firstly to what I wore....

Due to the death of my iron hours before my original outfit did not happen but I was happy with my end result.

Sunglasses - Jimmy Choo
Necklace of neon loveliness - David Aubrey - I wrote about it here.
Shirt - Primark - Cheap Chic
Belt - Forever New
Skirt - Anthropologie
Shoes - Tony Bianco
Gold Clutch - Vintage - Courtesy of my Lovely Babicka (Grandmother)
Watch - Triwa
Nails - Illamasqua Purity on base, Illamasqua Lament on the tips.

Lady Loving: Chevron

Chevron shapes have been catching my eye at the moment. Here is some that I have pinned on Pinterest. I am noticing it everywhere, homewares, fashion, interiors and even nail art.

Do you have a favourite pattern at the moment?

Top Left corner via Jo Cho
Left middle - Via
Left bottom - via
Right Top - via
Right Bottom - via

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lady Love - My top five for the week

Hi Lovelies,

Just wanted to share with you a few things that are rocking my world at the moment.

Kony 2012
Take 30 mins of your time to be informed.

Melissa post it note video
Its amazing what you can do 350 thousand  Post-it notes!

Pugly Pixel
 I have been a member for a while but her downloads - for $5 a month (for us Aussie girls its less due to the dollar being so good) are amazing.  I am especially loving the Ombre tutorial and the Vintage inspired photoshop shapes

Melbourne Fashion Week

It kicked off on Thursday night and I have got tickets to tomorrow night's Runway show. Its my first time and I am super excited. Now I just need to work out what to wear!!

Its a Labour Day weekend in Melbourne, I am so looking forward to the three day break. Enjoy your weekend!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Friday Fable

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