Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh Henri, you get me every time!

Henri Bendel, is a beautiful department store that  now only stocks accessories and beauty. I always love to pop in and look at the seasons new accessories, I stress here the "look". However, I never walk out of this place empty handed!

Firstly as it was Fashion Week their VM team had set up the windows appropriately, with Anna Wintour sitting in the front row.

As I walk in I am struck with a showcase of beautiful accessories and the one that is staring me right in between the eyes is the lovely necklace you see below by David Aubrey. Yes, I purchased it. I could just see it going so well with a certain outfit and I just wanted to buy, buy, buy!! It is beautiful, neon and punchy!

So, I have only walked in to the store two metres and have already made a purchase! I move in to go up the stairs to look at the bags and more accessories. Before I get there I am pounced on by a young man that works at one of the beauty counters. They have the approach all right to suck you in straight away. Hit you with a compliment and then hit you with "your eyes are puffy or did you know that your stress lines on your forehead can be reduced" or "Once you use this product you wont ever get carded (asked for ID). I'm 30, look 20 and I am proud of getting asked for ID. All the same, he got me, even though I knew I was getting played!

The counter was Osmotics, and yes I did buy three products, but after using them for a week I am satisfied with what I bought. they Blue copper creme is a a cocktail cream and needs to be worked into your everyday moisturiser and works a treat. I also bought their Crease-less cream for me stress lines on my forehead, it makes a somewhat marginal improvement. I also got an illuminate to mix in with my foundation.

After that purchase I bee lined straight to the stairs to get out of the beauty section, everyone was trying to sell me their products and I knew if i didn't get to the stairs I was just going to get sucked right in and help the salesperson make their daily budget.

Then I came to my highlight at HB. One of the things that i love about this place as they have the designers of the products in store to sell their products. While in the head wear section, I came across Anna Coroneo. She stocks the most lovely scarves and the day I was there, she was in store. Anna caught my attention by her voice, her accent, Australian.

While I was looking at her scarves, she came over and we started talking. She is originally from Sydney and six years ago moved to NYC. She was lovely and even invited me to a Fashion Week party that she was organising but unfortunately I was on a plane the morning of so I couldn't make it.

Another cute thing I stumbled across was the tester cards for the Henri Bendel Fragrances. I love these illustrations. So cute.

So if you are ever in the beautiful City give Henri a visit, but be prepared to be tempted by lovely product and eager sales people.

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