Sunday, February 5, 2012

My day in photos Los Angeles Day 2

Today has a bit of a type theme, can you tell....

Starting from the top left:

Picture 1:My morning run along Santa Monica Beach to Venice and back. awesome.

Picture 2: They love to have inspirational words on mirrors in change rooms. I would be good if we could just ask it "Does my bum look big in this?" and it would answer.

Picture 3: Happiness is Chic. Window at the Jonathan Adler store on Montana Ave

Picture 4: Cool old sign at Aero cinema on Montana

Picture 5: An even cooler sign for the Santa Monica Library on Montana also

Picture 6: Bakery sign "Sweet Lady Jane"

Picture 7: My friend in La, my GPS in my rental. If i am going to terrorize the streets, I need to know where I am going!

Picture 8: Traffic on Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills.

Picture 9: Cool Apartment block sign next to my Hotel

Picture 10:Cute saying I saw in Kitson

Picture 11: Banksy graffiti in the flesh on Robertson Blvd. I looked this one to ensure it was a Banksy and the Kid peeing actually leaves a trail all the way down a block. gold!

Picture 12: Just next to the Banksy work is a "Dumb and Happy" Teddy bear by Desire Obtain Cherish

Picture 13: Lauren Moshi pop up store/Gallery on Robertson Blvd

Picture 14: A Lot to Say has a concession at the uber cool Fred Segal. It sells its message of making the world a better place through making everything from plastic bottles. Great idea and cute product. The sell scarves, undies, totes, you name it with the messages printed on it. This is one that was framed on the wall.

Picture 15: Finally my Dinner. Ozumo Japanese eating at the Bar. My iPad and two  Giddy Geisha's and some nummy sushi.

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