Saturday, February 4, 2012

16 Photos to describe my day in Santa Monica, CA

Today started out well. Landed into Los Angeles at 6:10am, no lines at customs (which is very rare), no lines at Hertz, no traffic (which is great, as I repeat in my head every time I drive "Right keep it tight" so I don't end up on the wrong side of the road). To top off the day it was about 24 degrees which was lovely.

I got a full 6 hours out in trade today. Here is some of snaps that I took that may interest Fable followers with my iPhone.

Starting from the top left:
Picture 1: Neon is still strong in the market. This is a great pattern in sulphur green and royal blue.
Picture 2: Coffee - a girls best friend when fighting jet lag (Coca-cola also works too!)
Picture 3: I love Anthropologie. It has a great mix of fashion and homewares and their VM is amazing. Picture 4: Anthropologie - Home office vm display
Picture 5: door knobs and hooks that Anthropologie has on offer.
Picture 6: Cool turquoise rickshaw in the middle of Anthropologie
Picture 7: Let them eat cake. Anthropologie (I told you I loved this store.
Picture 8: Social Stationary by Rifle Paper co, seen in Anthropologie.
Picture 9: The sun is beginning to set on 3rd Street promenade, Santa Monica
Picture 10: Lady Fable and Orla (the Orla Kiely rolling suitcase). She is the best shopping companion.
Picture 11: J Crew window
Picture 12: Urban Outfitters window
Picture 13: Weird animation projected on the floor of Santa Monica Place
Picture 14: Healthy dinner at True Food Kitchen
Picture 15: Santa Monica Pier at sunset.

Finally, picture 16 the beautiful sunset............
Photo by Lady Fable - Sunset from Santa Monica Pier.
 Now of to bed to get on top of this jet lag.



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