Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Letter to New York City

Dear New York,

I really like you. You are intriguing and ever changing. Every time I come to see you, I find something new and exciting about you. This time you showed me some snow. There were only flurries, but for me that is snow. Back in Melbourne I never see get to see it.

Although I was in a office for a day and a half while I was there you filled me with your spirit. I may have had no time to see you the way I wanted but alas, you are still my favourite city in the world.

The view of you is so pretty from New Jersey, you are a remarkable city that is full of heart.

Your streets are busy and you put on some great weather. Though chilly, not one drop of rain!

I decided to walk from 86th to Bloomingdale's one night because I could. I came across some pretty windows on my travels.

I also went and visited Magnolia Bakery, a tradition I have with myself every time I am in New York. They didn't have my fav red velvet but coconut and vanilla/vanilla did the trick.

While in a cab, I drove past the lovely lit Eventi Hotel, which I had not come across before.So pretty.

My Time with you was so fleeting but the time I had it was great. One day I will visit for pleasure and not for work.

Love Always,
Your Friend

Lady Fable

Monday, February 27, 2012

Oh Henri, you get me every time!

Henri Bendel, is a beautiful department store that  now only stocks accessories and beauty. I always love to pop in and look at the seasons new accessories, I stress here the "look". However, I never walk out of this place empty handed!

Firstly as it was Fashion Week their VM team had set up the windows appropriately, with Anna Wintour sitting in the front row.

As I walk in I am struck with a showcase of beautiful accessories and the one that is staring me right in between the eyes is the lovely necklace you see below by David Aubrey. Yes, I purchased it. I could just see it going so well with a certain outfit and I just wanted to buy, buy, buy!! It is beautiful, neon and punchy!

So, I have only walked in to the store two metres and have already made a purchase! I move in to go up the stairs to look at the bags and more accessories. Before I get there I am pounced on by a young man that works at one of the beauty counters. They have the approach all right to suck you in straight away. Hit you with a compliment and then hit you with "your eyes are puffy or did you know that your stress lines on your forehead can be reduced" or "Once you use this product you wont ever get carded (asked for ID). I'm 30, look 20 and I am proud of getting asked for ID. All the same, he got me, even though I knew I was getting played!

The counter was Osmotics, and yes I did buy three products, but after using them for a week I am satisfied with what I bought. they Blue copper creme is a a cocktail cream and needs to be worked into your everyday moisturiser and works a treat. I also bought their Crease-less cream for me stress lines on my forehead, it makes a somewhat marginal improvement. I also got an illuminate to mix in with my foundation.

After that purchase I bee lined straight to the stairs to get out of the beauty section, everyone was trying to sell me their products and I knew if i didn't get to the stairs I was just going to get sucked right in and help the salesperson make their daily budget.

Then I came to my highlight at HB. One of the things that i love about this place as they have the designers of the products in store to sell their products. While in the head wear section, I came across Anna Coroneo. She stocks the most lovely scarves and the day I was there, she was in store. Anna caught my attention by her voice, her accent, Australian.

While I was looking at her scarves, she came over and we started talking. She is originally from Sydney and six years ago moved to NYC. She was lovely and even invited me to a Fashion Week party that she was organising but unfortunately I was on a plane the morning of so I couldn't make it.

Another cute thing I stumbled across was the tester cards for the Henri Bendel Fragrances. I love these illustrations. So cute.

So if you are ever in the beautiful City give Henri a visit, but be prepared to be tempted by lovely product and eager sales people.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Time Flies

Well, it's Sunday, I have been home for almost a week and I haven't filled you in on the rest of my Safari. Yes, it was one of the busiest trips I have ever been on. Working through the days and then working at night corresponding with the office at home. I did however see some things that would interest you all. Over the next week, I am endeavoring to post once most days next week to see what I and Orla (my Orla Keily roller bag, hence the name) got up to on my whirlwind trip.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

L'avion Styling Competition: Last Days to Vote

L'avion Bouquet Scarf upon Lady Fable's Head
Well the February fun of being involved in a Blogger competitions is coming to an end. I was so excited and privileged to be asked to participate in the L'avion Blogger Style competition. It was my first and hopefully not my last. I, along with 9 other talented Australian Bloggers, were given a scarf from the L'avion Flora and Fauna collection. I took some pics, you can see my original post here.

As it comes to an end, I would love for you to get involved in the fun and get your vote in before the competition ends. All you need to do is "like" the picture you like the most. Here is the link to my pic. "Like" away lovelies.

For voting you also go into the draw to win Two scarves from the collection.

Love Always

Lady Fable

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Fable

Friday, February 17, 2012

LADY LOVING: D.Co Copenhagen from Style Tread

I love a good, solid boot. I need a boot that is made for walkin'. That is why I am in love with the Kate Texas Black boot  by D.co Copenhagen available from Style Tread. It may seam pricey at $480AUD but I never skimp on my boots. Quality is key.

D.Co Copenhagen, Kate Texas boot from Style Tread $480
This baby is going on my winter must have list. I love the buckles and the solidness of them. The rest of the D.Co Copenhagen range is great. The great thing about Style Tread is the fact you can shop from the comfort of your home, you have quick, easy and free delivery and if you don't like or the shoe doesn't fit you have 100 days to return the product. Need I say more, I think not. Happy Shopping Ladies!

Friday Fable

Kylie in Stylist Magazine

So I am not posting in no particular order. It was my last day in London and its a Wednesday and that is when Stylist magazine hits. Yay for me! This weeks issues sees the ever so lovely chameleon Kylie Mingoue in a 25 page shoot, to celebrate her 25 year career, with 25 different collectable covers.

The Kylie Shoot had 25 different designers dressing the Princess of Pop in a 3 day shoot in La. I thought I would share some of my favs.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Landed in the best city in the world tonight.... I love NYC. Fashion Week starts tomorrow and IFB conference today. Two things that I would have loved to have been to. But alas, I am here to work. Photos of travels and adventures to follow...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


A dear friend of mine, Morganna Magee opens her Motherhood exhibition tonight at Fortyfivedownstairs. Motherhood is documentary photography that explores different Mothers and their experiences in being one. Covering all demographic and several backgrounds Morganna tells their stories through the lens and a series of questions.

"Motherhood may be universal but the experience is different for each and every woman… "
 © Morganna Magee

 © Morganna Magee

 © Morganna Magee

 © Morganna Magee
I am sure the show will be a success. I only wish I was able to attend. If you are interested the details are below.

45 Flinders Lane Melbourne
Opening: Tuesday 7 February 2012: 5.00pm – 7.00pm
Exhibition: Tuesday 7 - Saturday 18 February
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Friday: 11.00am – 5.00pm, Saturday: 12.00pm – 4.00pm

Monday, February 6, 2012

L'avion Styling Competition

Thanks to the team at L'avion and Park Ave Pr, I have been asked to be one of ten bloggers to be apart of the "Forget me Knot" L'avion styling competition.

I was sent the Bouquet Scarf from the Flora and Fauna collection. Illustrated by the amazingly talented Spiros Halaris.

I soon as I received it in the post, I marveled at the colour and automatically wrapped it around my head (head scarf is my theme). This scarf has so many colours! which it great as you can twist, fold and tie it in so many different ways and it will look like a different scarf every time.

L'avion Bouquet Scarf
So hear is my look......

I love how fun the bow is in the scarf, it some what reminds me of Minnie Mouse.

What I am wearing:

J Crew silk ruffled sleeveless shirt
Alica + Olivia crop tailored pants
Triwa Watch
Butter London Polish in Snog
Rubi Shoes booties
and of course The L'avion Bouquet scarf

So here is the deal ladies and gents....
Go to the L'avion Facebook page and "Like" me or any of the other participating Bloggers. For all those who vote/like you go in the running to also win 2 L'avion scarves worth $300.

So get cracking and join in the fun!

If you would also like to some other great L'avion products, I wrote about their super cute Hamptons Bags here.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Jason Wu for Target US

Last year it was Missoni, this year it is Jason Wu. Target (USA) launches on Feb 5 their next Designer Collaboration. And I am in the States for this. I would love to see the product. "Affordable" Designer fashion is a bit like a Monet looks great in the campaigns and from afar, but up close the fabric used makes it not quite right. Below is a snap shot of the designs. Following Wu's classic style, the collection has strong geometric lines with a tailored feminine fit.

I too, also love the TVC.

My day in photos Los Angeles Day 2

Today has a bit of a type theme, can you tell....

Starting from the top left:

Picture 1:My morning run along Santa Monica Beach to Venice and back. awesome.

Picture 2: They love to have inspirational words on mirrors in change rooms. I would be good if we could just ask it "Does my bum look big in this?" and it would answer.

Picture 3: Happiness is Chic. Window at the Jonathan Adler store on Montana Ave

Picture 4: Cool old sign at Aero cinema on Montana

Picture 5: An even cooler sign for the Santa Monica Library on Montana also

Picture 6: Bakery sign "Sweet Lady Jane"

Picture 7: My friend in La, my GPS in my rental. If i am going to terrorize the streets, I need to know where I am going!

Picture 8: Traffic on Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills.

Picture 9: Cool Apartment block sign next to my Hotel

Picture 10:Cute saying I saw in Kitson

Picture 11: Banksy graffiti in the flesh on Robertson Blvd. I looked this one to ensure it was a Banksy and the Kid peeing actually leaves a trail all the way down a block. gold!

Picture 12: Just next to the Banksy work is a "Dumb and Happy" Teddy bear by Desire Obtain Cherish

Picture 13: Lauren Moshi pop up store/Gallery on Robertson Blvd

Picture 14: A Lot to Say has a concession at the uber cool Fred Segal. It sells its message of making the world a better place through making everything from plastic bottles. Great idea and cute product. The sell scarves, undies, totes, you name it with the messages printed on it. This is one that was framed on the wall.

Picture 15: Finally my Dinner. Ozumo Japanese eating at the Bar. My iPad and two  Giddy Geisha's and some nummy sushi.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

16 Photos to describe my day in Santa Monica, CA

Today started out well. Landed into Los Angeles at 6:10am, no lines at customs (which is very rare), no lines at Hertz, no traffic (which is great, as I repeat in my head every time I drive "Right keep it tight" so I don't end up on the wrong side of the road). To top off the day it was about 24 degrees which was lovely.

I got a full 6 hours out in trade today. Here is some of snaps that I took that may interest Fable followers with my iPhone.

Starting from the top left:
Picture 1: Neon is still strong in the market. This is a great pattern in sulphur green and royal blue.
Picture 2: Coffee - a girls best friend when fighting jet lag (Coca-cola also works too!)
Picture 3: I love Anthropologie. It has a great mix of fashion and homewares and their VM is amazing. Picture 4: Anthropologie - Home office vm display
Picture 5: door knobs and hooks that Anthropologie has on offer.
Picture 6: Cool turquoise rickshaw in the middle of Anthropologie
Picture 7: Let them eat cake. Anthropologie (I told you I loved this store.
Picture 8: Social Stationary by Rifle Paper co, seen in Anthropologie.
Picture 9: The sun is beginning to set on 3rd Street promenade, Santa Monica
Picture 10: Lady Fable and Orla (the Orla Kiely rolling suitcase). She is the best shopping companion.
Picture 11: J Crew window
Picture 12: Urban Outfitters window
Picture 13: Weird animation projected on the floor of Santa Monica Place
Picture 14: Healthy dinner at True Food Kitchen
Picture 15: Santa Monica Pier at sunset.

Finally, picture 16 the beautiful sunset............
Photo by Lady Fable - Sunset from Santa Monica Pier.
 Now of to bed to get on top of this jet lag.



Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Fable

Source: pingg.com via Lady on Pinterest

I am flying to La today for the start of my work safari. I will be posting what I can, when I can. I get to relive the 3rd of February,as I land at 6am. It's rather funny Groundhog day was officially yesterday. By the way I hated that movie. Catch you on the other side.

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