Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Real Living - January/February 2012

A new year calls for a new edition of Real Living and its all about Summer. It is no secret that this is one of my fav's. I seem to blog about it.... a lot. This months issue reveals the winner of the Real Living Decorater competition (I don't really want to talk about this as I am wounded that I didn't even rate a mention) Only kidding :)

Real Living Jan/Feb 2012

This month you get a bonus supplement of Aussie homes. I don't want to spoil it for any of you Real Living lovers out there but I wanted to show you one article that they are show casing different ways to decorate with door knobs. I have been oggleing off all of Anthropoligie handles/knobs for some time for my only little makeover of my Tall boy. They are featuring 5 different DIY projects that you can do with them.

Real Living Jan/Feb 2012 - Decorating Doorknobs
 Real Living are also running a second class of "The School of Real Living". It is going to teach you how to create a functional home office. it is being held in Sydney and is $30 a head. If you are in Sydney and are going to go, please let me know what it is like.

Real Living Jan/Feb 2012 - Summer
 I have a subscription, so I got this last week, but it goes on sale everywhere else today. For those that don't have a subscription or have not checked it out before, I recommend. It is my starting point for all of my Palace projects.

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michelle w said...

i wish i'd seen this blog post 1 year ago. at that time i was in the throes of decision making re: handles for my tallboy.

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