Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lady Loves: Inspiring Women

I have a small "Girl Crush" with the ever so gorgeous Zooey Deschanel. Channel 10 have been pumping the new promos for New Girl starring the lovely Zooey. I couldn't wait until it screened so I got my paws on the first 8 eps of the show. OMG it is amazing, funny and at times embarrassing, but O so good.

But Zooey is more than an actress. She has and empowering aura about her. With her cute, dorky style, she also is one of the co-founders of Hello Giggles. Hello Giggles is a website that is all things girly, with beauty, BFFs and more. I love it. Also she sings in a indi band She & Him.

A social media princess she has a huge following on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The video below has had nearly 8 million hits. This girl can really sing. 

My second inspiring woman I have come across this week is the lovely Rach from In spaces between. During my mini break over the Christmas period I cam across her blog. One word...Amazing. She is so positive about life and lives for the moment. She is honest and open and shares her life with her readers as well as empowering them to strive for the sky. Her posts about setting goals for the start of the new year are a must. These have been starred in my Google reader and for the past week I have been reading her wisdom.
Screenshot from In Spaces Between


Anonymous said...

What about our BABY?!?!?! AND our Other baby?!?!


Lady Fable said...

Who's Baby?

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