Sunday, January 15, 2012

January Photo a Day: Week Two Recap

Day 8 - Your Sky - I am so lucky to have un-interupted views of the skys. Being in a big apartment block with lots of construction happening around me, I can sit in my terrace and watch the beautiful sky.

Day 9 - Daily Routine - I commute by car to work everyday. I can spend on a bad day nearly 2.5 hours in the car. Lucky that everyone is still on summer break as I am able to get home very quickly as there is a reduced amount of traffic.

Day 10 - Childhood - My smurf collection - These were handed down to me from my Aunt, to my cousin to me.

Day 11 - Where you sleep - simply my bed with my lovely Bed Bath n Table linen and my new addition, my Ikea Ribba picture shelf

Day 12 - Close up - of my linen on my bed

Day 13 - In your bag. Boy do I have a lot of lip gloss! Notable mentions to my hand bag contents is my Burberry wallet I was given for my 30th from Queen Elizabeth and my Uber cool Jimmy Choo sunnies.

Day 14 - Something you are reading - Steve Jobs Biography - This was on my wish list for Christmas, but as most stores had sold out of it, I have bought the digital version and am starting to read it on my ipad.

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