Sunday, January 29, 2012

January Photo a Day: Day 15-29 Recap

Day 15: Happiness is sitting in my backyard reading my mags and fresh cut flowers
Day 16: Morning - the most amazing sunrises from my backyard
Day 17: Water - My aluminium bottle that I take with me everywhere
Day 18: Something I bought - Gorgeous Dress bought from Sportsgirl (recycled vintage) on sale for $20.
Day 19: Sweet - My Favourite at the moment... strawberries
Day 20: Someone I love - a camera shy Lord Fable
Day 21: Reflection - my reflection at Queen Mother's window.
Day 22: My Shoes - while a passenger on the freeway
Day 23: Something old - My Great Grandmother's ring. Aquamarine stone, which is also my birthstone
Day 24: Guilty Pleasure - I heart macarons!
Day 25: Something I made - My illustrations
Day 26: Colour - I love bright coloured scarves
Day 27: Lunch - Saturday Lunch is always something small... an apple
Day 28: Light - My Glasshouse candle from Princess Natalia
Day 29: In my fridge - Fruit and Veg - Lord Fable always complains that I only by healthy.

I have found the challenge, well challenging the last two weeks, but we only have two days to go. Fat Mum Slim has released the February challenge here. Are you up for it?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend Ladies and Lords!!


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