Monday, January 2, 2012

FREE PRINTABLES: Goal Setting 2012 and Monthly Blog Planner

I was struck by the need to create this morning. I have mentioned in my last couple of posts that I have been organsing my studio/office. With the IKEA furniture put together yesterday I now need a neat way to show my notes, blog lists and goals etc.

Well I thought I would share with you too.

2012 Goal, Dreams, Wishes & Desires

On this printable you have sections to fill out the following goals for the year:
  1. 10 goals for your blog for 2012
  2. 8 words to live by for 2012
  3. Personal goals, wishes and desires
  4. Places and face I must see in 2012
You can download a hi res jpeg from here

Monthly Blog Planner

Each month I will offer you a printable blog planner for you to download and print. I am two days into the month already but for the future months I will post it a week before the new month starts.

The planner is set up as a normal calendar. I has a quote of the month at the top right hand corner and a Mini Goal list for the month and a To Do List.

You can download a hi res jpeg from here

 Today is also my last day of the break. Devastated that I have to go back to be woken by and alarm. But the show must go on. See you soon.

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