Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tis the Season....... to be Sadie the cleaning lady!

If anyone of you are like me at Christmas, I clean. I have been cleaning and going through the Palace (it is small but bi-jingo I have hidden something in every nook and cranny). I have come across three years worth of Real living, Frankie and Shop mags. I could not bear to part with them but I have gone through them all and torn out the things I liked and loved. Filed them away in neat little piles and will be used for a future series of posts.

But I have found the most amazing letters and cards from my gorgeous Lady's. I am such a lucky girl to know that I have some of the greatest Friends and Family.

I have also gone mini project crazy. I am really just trying to make the most of the 10 days I have off. My two main aims is organise and finish the office and work out what is going above the bed. Please note that for the past two months we have had various things stuck on the wall with blu-tak to see if we liked it. Since doing this most of the items have fallen off and all we are left with are randomly placed blobs of blu-tak on the wall. Now that ain't pretty!

What have you been doing over the break? Cleaning, relaxing etc.

Stay posted my pretties for the unveiling of the clean, project mastered palace.


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