Thursday, December 29, 2011

I have the Golden Recipe's!!!

Two Christmas's ago, I posted about my dear Babicka (Grandmother), and her divine Christmas biscuits. The Queen Mother has gave her a recipe book before Christmas last year so that she could write in the recipes and give it to me for Christmas. It didn't happen.

My 30th was in March, all I wanted was the recipes..... that didn't happen either.

She kept on telling me that she needed to translate the recipes from Czech to English and how much of a painful task it was. The funny thing out of all of this is that she doesn't refer to the recipe as she has been making these bikkies for over 50 years she knows them off by heart.

But alas Lady got her recipes on Christmas Eve, not in the recipe book as Babicka didn't know where to write them. (cute). So, she wrote them on the back of old Christmas cards. (Genius idea for recycling Christmas cards).

There is something really nice about your Grandmothers writing so curly and delicate. She also wrote a little note that she made one of the biscuits with certain nuts as that is what my Dad likes. I was expecting a long difficult recipe as it has taken nearly two years to get them but really they look simple.

I am planning to share with you all, but first I will test them out for myself (Just in case Bab's has missed a key ingredient).

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