Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Don't Know How She Does It!

I have had a secret crush on Sarah Jessica Parker since she started Sex in the City. Her effortless style and her super shoe collection!

I watched the trailer to her new movie "I Don't Know How She Does It" a couple of weeks ago and I instantly put it on my must see movie list. The format has the same feel as what SATC had, where she would talk to the audience. However in this movie, she is a mother of two, married and juggles a career. The format looks great and something that any woman could relate too, trying to fit everything in. I certainly am struggling to blog and work full time at the moment and I, the Lady doesn't have a Prince or Princess to look after!

So Nuffnang are running a competition for tickets to the Melbourne Premiere of I Don't Know How She Does It. And I would love to go. I have already pictured my outfit in my head.........Simple, colour, a little bit of bling. 
My ingredients for this outfit are:
  • Super sexy simple patterned silk dress
  • Blending with a pair of killer high heels
  • a dash of gold
  •  garnished with some accessories
I have put together a mood board on Polyvore of my outfit.
Purple and Gold
To see SJP in the flesh would make my year!

What would you wear to a move Premiere?


Lady Fable said...

Well the winners were announced this morning and I didn't get the tix. May have had something to do with a spelling error i found after i had posted (now fixed). Will have to take my self to see the movie and just watch SJP on screen.

Noreen said...

I read the book, and can't wait to see the movie, too. As a full-time working mother, it's interesting! Thanks for writing, and let us know what you think after you see it.


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