Saturday, October 29, 2011

End of an Era: Spacetrader Beads

I was massively saddened when I received an email from Spacetrader Beads last week annoucing a sale. Once I clicked on the site I came to learn that they were shutting their doors after 20 years of selling beads.

When I was a university I would make jewelery for some extra cash and Spacetrader was the best place to go, as they were online, and their range was vast and was great value.

This post is a tribute to them and to say thanks for all the great beads I have bought from Spacetrader over the years. 

I am also writing to tell you how great the sale is. I have just purchased a lot of crystal beads as they are such good value. I highly recommend if you are a beadie that you get in quick before they close their doors.

Photos taken of the recent bead purchase from Spacetrader
For some reason I am drawn to green tones at the moment as you can see from the crystal beads I took photos of. I have been inspired to get my bead gear out and begin making my one off pieces again.

Has anything happened to you this week to inspire you to create something?

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