Monday, October 31, 2011

Lady's Monthly Macaron


I would like to introduce you to a passion of mine and a new column that I will be having on my blog once a month, appropriatly named..... Monthly Macaron. The reason this is not a weekly post is because Lady doesn't want to be the side of a house!

I love macarons, little morsels of lovely crispy goodness!  I had my first on in Paris 4 years ago from Laduree. They were amazing, and I have been some what obsessed in finding the perfect macaron in my home town, Melbourne. For this month's "Monthly Macaron", I will be sharing a macaron experience that I had in New York in August.

So each month give my regal opinion on the flavour, freshness, consistency and Presentation. When I travel I will hunt down Macaron stores to test, but mainly I will be trekking the streets of Melbourne for the best Macarons.

I was in New York in August and I stumbled upon Bisous Macaron in the Lower East Side.

They were divine. I bought half a dozen and made my way to find a place to sit and eat them. Due to the weather being a bit steamy, I had no excuse but to gobble them all up in one sitting! They were fresh, crispy on the outside and gooey in the centre.  I also loved the shop front, and the packaging.

So here is my rating:

Flavour - Favourite would have to be salted caramel, not far behind how ever is the lavender and honey
Freshness - Amazing, one of the freshest macarons I have ever had
Consistency - varied between flavours, one may have had more filling that the other, but over all very yum
Presentation - Presented in a matchbox like box with stores trademark colours. with a small fold up menu of what you ordered just in case you forget.

Overall Rating: 8/10

If you are in the LES while in New York and you are fond of a Macaron, or two or six! Head on down to Biscous Ciao Macaron

101 Stanton St. 
NYC 10002
between Ludlow and Orchard

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Don't Know How She Does It!

I have had a secret crush on Sarah Jessica Parker since she started Sex in the City. Her effortless style and her super shoe collection!

I watched the trailer to her new movie "I Don't Know How She Does It" a couple of weeks ago and I instantly put it on my must see movie list. The format has the same feel as what SATC had, where she would talk to the audience. However in this movie, she is a mother of two, married and juggles a career. The format looks great and something that any woman could relate too, trying to fit everything in. I certainly am struggling to blog and work full time at the moment and I, the Lady doesn't have a Prince or Princess to look after!

So Nuffnang are running a competition for tickets to the Melbourne Premiere of I Don't Know How She Does It. And I would love to go. I have already pictured my outfit in my head.........Simple, colour, a little bit of bling. 
My ingredients for this outfit are:
  • Super sexy simple patterned silk dress
  • Blending with a pair of killer high heels
  • a dash of gold
  •  garnished with some accessories
I have put together a mood board on Polyvore of my outfit.
Purple and Gold
To see SJP in the flesh would make my year!

What would you wear to a move Premiere?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

End of an Era: Spacetrader Beads

I was massively saddened when I received an email from Spacetrader Beads last week annoucing a sale. Once I clicked on the site I came to learn that they were shutting their doors after 20 years of selling beads.

When I was a university I would make jewelery for some extra cash and Spacetrader was the best place to go, as they were online, and their range was vast and was great value.

This post is a tribute to them and to say thanks for all the great beads I have bought from Spacetrader over the years. 

I am also writing to tell you how great the sale is. I have just purchased a lot of crystal beads as they are such good value. I highly recommend if you are a beadie that you get in quick before they close their doors.

Photos taken of the recent bead purchase from Spacetrader
For some reason I am drawn to green tones at the moment as you can see from the crystal beads I took photos of. I have been inspired to get my bead gear out and begin making my one off pieces again.

Has anything happened to you this week to inspire you to create something?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fable

Available from LuciusArt store on etsy.
It says it all!

Have a great weekend.

Lady Fable

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lady Loves: French Bulldogs

Lady had a day off today and went a got a new do!! I got to play with my hairdresser's puppies Ruby and Oliver. Aren't they divine, this season's must have accessory, a French Bullldog.

I want one so bad, but unfortunatly the Palace is not suitable for a fur baby!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lady is Excited: TDF Open House

I was delighted this morning to see my Daily Design Files post in my inbox, as I am every morning. It has been my morning ritual for the last two and a half years, but this morning it was different. I was super excited. Lucy has come up with a great concept in conjunction with The Project Agency. The Design Files Open House, a pop-up (which is all the rage at the moment), but this one is pop-up with a twist. This is not in a vacant shop, it is in a residential house! Running for four days from December 1-4, you will be able to buy the wares in the house. I mean everything and you can buy it on the spot and also online. This is an amazing concept. I am there with bells on! Check it out.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Fable

A great man left us yesterday.
RIP Steve Jobs, your ideas have changed the world.
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