Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lady Loves: Pinterest

Ok, instead of reading the paper or watching the news for the things that are happening in the real world, I have been spending time on Pinterest. This is my Virtual mood board for all the things I like, love, would like to have and live by.

Pinterest is a creative community where you can "Repin" from other peoples boards or "repin" from external sites via bookmarklet.

Currently, I have 14 boards going, spanning from beauty, fashion, colour, the funny, the cute and my favourite, Notable quotables.

As I have been a little naughty and not Friday Fabled in a while, I thought I would post some of the great quotes I have picked up in the last couple of weeks.

All Repinned by Lady Fable from (left to right) Bridget Gallagher onto Wise Words., Quotes & Inspiration by Kristin Johnson , ,

If you are seeking to be inspired get on Pinterest.

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