Sunday, September 18, 2011

Flower Power

I can remember only 8 or so years ago, Lord Fable bought me a lovely arrangement of flowers. A lovely thought but at the time we had no Palace and not much money, so I lost it at him and told him not to waste his money on flowers. Since then I have never got flowers from him, nor did I deserve too!

Eight years on Lady Fable has changed her tune...... I am in love with flowers and it is Palace rules that there are always flowers about. I have also resided to buying flowers for the difficult, yet lovely people who have everything under the sun and also those "who don't want anything for their birthday!" (Yes, Queen Mumma I am talking about you!)

There are so many florists out and about but my favourite at the moment for their vast and great range, but also for great value is Flowers Vasette. Located at 247 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, I will go completely go out of my way to get flowers.

Image from Flower Vasette website

Everything is merchandised fantastically by colour. It is so inspiring, and takes me at least 10 minutes to decide what I want.

Best florist in Melbourne and if ever in doubt on what to get some close to you for a gift. Go Flowers all the way. There is something about a bloom, it lights up a room.

Note: Lord Fable if you read this, I will never yell at you for buying me flowers again. I Promise.


Anonymous said...

I love my roses!!!
Love Queen Mumma

Bloom that said...

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