Saturday, July 30, 2011

State of Design - The Design Files Talk

I was lucky enough to snap up two tickets to The Design Files Talk that was held in conjunction with the State of the Design festival that has been running for the last week.  These tickets sold out in 48 hours and prove's that Lucy's Blog The Design Files is becoming a cult favourite.

I took along Lady Anita and once we got to the beautiful space at the GPO, we both realised that we didn't have a pen to take notes. Devastated by this we listened attentantively and were inspired by Beci Orpin, Lara Davies from Harvest work room and lastly Clair Wayman former stylist for Real living and now run the label Curio & Curio.

I was in heaven, being an illustrator myself, Beci enlightened us of her love of illustration and how she juggles work and family. Her great point that she made was that she loves what she does and doesn't feel like what she does is a job, its just life.

Lara from Harvest was also inspirational. How she started a business and gives the opportunity to designers to showcase in the Harvest pop shop area and also for every day joes learn and take courses. I have been contimplating doing a screen printing course with them for some months.

Clair, being a former Stylist for my Fav mag Real Living gave and insiteful take on how she came to be sucessful stylist. She also talked of her current venture designing and running Curio and Curio.

Lastly, Lucy finished with her 10 pearls of wisdom (this is where I wished I had my pen!) It was a great talk and was glad I went out on a school (work) night.

Have a great weekend Ladies and Lords


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