Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fable Find - Olga De Polga

Running early today to get my mop chopped, I took the opportunity to have a little shop, shop!

I walked past a shop in Chapel Street, which at first looked like a vintage clothing store, I decided to go in for a looksee. I stood corrected when I went in, Olga de Polga is not vintage, but I would say it is vintage inspired with an eclectic mix of everything. Patterned, colourful, quirkiness which could have done a lot of damage to my credit card! The store reminded me of my golden books as a child, which I wish I still had. See the cute postcards they have, it explains what I mean!!

Taking full advantage of the sales rack I purchased a beautiful printed shirt dress that will be perfect for my safari that I am leaving for on Tuesday. I was a great cut, great print. They also had some amazing jackets and rabbit vests. By the way they don't do pants and cater to a very broad demographic, 20-50.

Coral, navy and green printed shirt dress $112 on sale from Olga De Polga, Chapel Street

I was intrigued, so I did some research when I got home and this is what I found. The label is designed by an Australian, Olga Stone, who set up shop in Spitafields in London and also as I have already mentioned in Melbourne. The label is also available at TopShop Oxford Street. The name that also relates to the designer but Olga Da Polga is a children's book character who was created by Michael Bond, who was also the created of the very famous Paddington Bear. Olga da Polga was a guinea pig who would have something fairly ordinary have happen to her and then would wildly exaggerate the story to her friends. Thanks to StyleNylon and Wikipedia for my info.

A gem that is worth a look.

212 Chapel St, Prahran, 3182
Phone: 03 9510 4557

4 Hanbury Street, London E1 6QR
Phone: +442073776851

Saturday, July 30, 2011

State of Design - The Design Files Talk

I was lucky enough to snap up two tickets to The Design Files Talk that was held in conjunction with the State of the Design festival that has been running for the last week.  These tickets sold out in 48 hours and prove's that Lucy's Blog The Design Files is becoming a cult favourite.

I took along Lady Anita and once we got to the beautiful space at the GPO, we both realised that we didn't have a pen to take notes. Devastated by this we listened attentantively and were inspired by Beci Orpin, Lara Davies from Harvest work room and lastly Clair Wayman former stylist for Real living and now run the label Curio & Curio.

I was in heaven, being an illustrator myself, Beci enlightened us of her love of illustration and how she juggles work and family. Her great point that she made was that she loves what she does and doesn't feel like what she does is a job, its just life.

Lara from Harvest was also inspirational. How she started a business and gives the opportunity to designers to showcase in the Harvest pop shop area and also for every day joes learn and take courses. I have been contimplating doing a screen printing course with them for some months.

Clair, being a former Stylist for my Fav mag Real Living gave and insiteful take on how she came to be sucessful stylist. She also talked of her current venture designing and running Curio and Curio.

Lastly, Lucy finished with her 10 pearls of wisdom (this is where I wished I had my pen!) It was a great talk and was glad I went out on a school (work) night.

Have a great weekend Ladies and Lords


Lady Loves: Rekorderlig Cider

Last August on my travels for work i discovered Cider! I was having a quiet drink with Lady Helen in london at an All Bar One where I discovered Rekorderig Cider. It was divine. I instantly fell for the lovely Pear flavor.

Upon my return I couldn't find it. In December I stumbled accross it at my local Vintage Cellars. Now you can find it everywhere. Bliss!!

Lord Fable bought me a bottle of their winter cider this week as a little prize. Please note that Lady Fable does not consume alcohol on school nights. :) But this was an exception. The Rekorderlig Winter Cider is flavoured with apple, cinnamon and vanilla. It can be served hot or cold.

I decided to drink half cold and half hot. The verdict, over ice is is delicious its flavors subtle and tasty. Hot it is very sweet and rich. Took me a while to drink but was comforting on a cold winter night. I preferred it cold.

Either way you prefer your cider it is yum, yum.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Real Living - August 2011

Wow! I am so excited and can not stop thinking about it! Maybe I should explain myself..... Real Living found its way into my mailbox last Monday, I was so wrapped when I saw that they are running their Real Living Reader Contest again this year. My chance has come!

Still don't know what I am rambling on about? Well at the start of the year I posted on what I wanted to get out of the year. One of them being to get my Palace into Real Living.  So here is my chance.  Fingers crossed.

By the way, the August issue is great. One of the best I have read in a long while. For a while there I thought they had lost their touch but this issue is a bumper. I highly recommend you check it out!

Anyway I hope all you Ladies and Lords enjoy your weekend.


Lady Fable

Friday Fable

Words of Wisdom.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Fable

For today's Friday Fable I went to one of my favourite blogs by Lotta Agaton! I came across today's Friday Fable.
Via Lotta Agaton
So from this I checked out Workisnotajob site, they also have a Tumblr Blog here. One word. Amazing. Both of the sites have amazing inspiration quotes and sayings. This says it all about them......

I love "you are responsible for the talent that has been entrusted to you". Maybe I am just having a week wear I need my Friday Fables a bit more than noble. 

But wait there is more.... You are getting a double dose today. 
Via workisnotajob
 So don't die wondering and check it out!! Happy Friday and weekend Ladies and Lords!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Fable

Posting on a Friday which is a record!! Haven't done this in a while.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Friday Fable

Really I shouldn't be calling this "Friday Fable" as I never seem to post this on Fridays. But it just has such a nice ring to it.

Fables Facelift

As you can tell, I have given Lady Fable a nice little face lift. For the better I say! This overwelhming desire to freshen up Lady Fable has come from that fact that half of 2011 has past.

Firstyly, I can thank Pugly Pixel for this need to make it more pretty. This is a great site for pretty downloads and tutorials on ways to improve your blog's appearance. I bought a premium membership $5 for a month's access. It is super. As you can see I have learnt how to get my pictures wider and have used a photo template to make Lady Fable more appealing (see my last post).

This is the face lift she needed.

What to you think??

So half the year has past us by and I went back and read my post on Lady Fable's goals for 2011. I am not quite there with any of them yet, but after my renovation rescue today I think I am well on my way!!

Lady Loves: New Images found on the net

The flu had me down, but definitely not out. The best thing about it was I could catch up on some long overdue Blog reading. Here is a quick snapshot of the things that have caught my eye.

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