Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fur Babies

The Lord and I have been discussing the future of late. One thing that I would love is a "Fur Baby". At the moment it is not feesable to have a puppy in the Palace but we are thinking for our next place (this is a million moons away) but at least we have a goal.

Image from July Real Living
The Lord wanted a masculine strong looking puppy, like a bulldog or a staffie. I on the other hand wanted a small puppy like a Yorkie or a Pug. After much debate and discussion I think we have arrive at a happy medium. A French Bulldog. They are the most adorable little things, they tick both the Lords and the Lady's pre-requisites. The pointy ears, the smushed up face and their stocky build make them so freaking cute.

Now just need to save our pennies to upgrade to a bigger palace with a backyard!

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