Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cheap Chic - It is possible

Ok, I love shoes. Like love them. It is the one thing that will always fit whether you lose or gain weight and that has always been my reasoning on buying very expensive shoes in the past. My budget however has stopped me from purchasing this season. I have to admit I have many a pairs that are beautiful but for the $300 plus price tag I just have not got the wear out of them.

My dear friend the Duchess of the South had been parading around in some new suede wedge booties. I instantly has booty envy and asked where she got them from. She whispered that she got them from Rubi Shoes for a bargain price of $27 (the day she went they had 30% 0ff).

Being a bit of a shoe snob, I will admit I have never walked into a Rubi shoe store before. Mainly as the stench of the PU material was always a put off. So while in need of some retail therapy The Duchess and I went on a Friday night shopping spree. 

I purchased three pairs of shoes for $80. Yes they are fake suede but unless you are 10cm away from my feet you can't tell the difference.

I would not say that I am completely converted to inexpensive shoes but this was some retail therapy that was definatly needed and didn't put too much strain on the budget!

So Lady Fable has some top tips when being Chic on the Cheap when it comes to shoes!

  1. Opt for the faux suede as it isn't so noticably "Fake". Faux leather can be picked out a mile away
  2. Buy foam insoles for extra comfort as cheap never mean comfortable.
Does anyone have any Cheap Chic tips to share?

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