Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lady Loves: ipad2

Well another reason for my absence and erractic posting is that the fact my birthday present was delivered last week. Hot off the Production line in China, straight into my hot little hands! My Ipad!

It was instant love. Lord Fable feels like I am cheating on him with it. My new husband is so compact, so capable of nearly everything my laptop can do. It is fantastic. Fits snug into my handbag and comes with me everywhere. With Millions of apps on offer, I have been reading up on and downloading the good, the bad and the ugly....

I won't mention the bad but I will mention a few goodies:
  1. Kindle/iBooks - Gone are the days of the paper back, you can download ebooks and digital edition of nearly everything from the Apple Store (iBooks) and Amazon (Kindle). Great for people who travel as you can store as many as you like. Not so good for the likes of Borders and Angus & Robertson, who have recently gone into receivership due to the increase in online and kindle like sales.
  2. The Age - Digital news paper! Awesome. The Broadsheet size of The Age has always annoyed me and now I can download it to my ipad and never have newsprint hands again. You can trial it for 7 days for free!
  3. Any program that syncs with your laptop. KEYNOTE, GARAGEBAND, EVERNOTE. 
  4. Mashable App: Be in the know for all things social media!
These are the gems, out of what I have downloaded. I came across a bizarre app which i paid $4.00 for. Dance Writer from the Typotheque font foundry. I downloaded it out of curiosity. A some what useless, yet intriguing. You type in a word and a Women dances it out making the letter forms with her body! The Picture clarity on the ipad makes this app great. I you don't have an ipad or don't want to part with the cash, you can have a go at the online version.

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