Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lady Loves : Steam Cream

This is my second "Lady Loves" for the week but I have to share...

Although this beauty was launched into the Australian market last year, I discovered this late night shopping in Hong Kong on my Last Trip. SteamCream is a face, hand and body lotion. It is no fuss cream that uses an age-old steam-infused manufacturing process, Steam Cream provides intensive hydration.

The smell is not particularly pleasant and reminds me of an antiseptic cream, but i am now used to the smell and my face loves it. My skin soaks it up quickly and leaves you feeling hydrated all day.

The great thing about the cream is its packaging, They come in limited edition tins with various prints and patterns. Once a design sells out its gone forever, so they end up being a collect-able and are great for storing little knick knacks, like beads or buttons.
Steam Cream image taken from

SteamCream also runs a competition for all budding designers and artist to submit a design through their website to have the chance of your design placed on one of their limited edition run of tins. The design brief is that the design is eclectic, global and inclusive of all artistic styles and tastes.

Available at Kit Cosmetics for $24.95 it is a great simple, affordable face, hand and body cream.

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