Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A well needed Easter Break......

Dear Ladies and Lords,

Well we have just come off an amazing 5 day break for Easter. A time that this Lady used to relax, try and unwind and be semi productive around the Palace. Our mini makeover of the bathroom (which has taken a lot longer than expected) is nearly finished. The office has been rearranged and new pictures have been framed and hung.

I have been a little slow in getting my posts organised but hope to be back on track tomorrow.

What did you all get up to on your break?

Much Love

Lady Fable


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Friday Fable (two days late) :)

I found this the other day, I can't remember where. Its lovely and reminds me of one of my dearest Lady's.

Happy Easter.

Dont Eat too many choccies!!


Monday, April 18, 2011

In love with a Billboard

I wrote a couple of months ago about the most amazing Locker room we used for a photo shoot for my "Real World" job. Well the billboards are now up. I love them..... I have taken the long way around getting to places so that I can drive past them.

Billboard on Dudley Street, Docklands!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Fable

My new favourite thing to do is download and collect inspirational quotes. I keep them and plaster them on my wall at work. Friday will be my day to share with you.

Today is something I came across through my new favourite blog for bloggers, The Blog Stylist, which then linked me to Women in Business, which the name says it all.

I will post about these two truely amazing blogs/sites in the coming weeks.

Women in Business has an amazing, empowering manifesto, that allows you to download a pdf in duck egg blue/white or black/white, to print and place where ever your heart desires. So here is today's Friday Fable.
Click on this link to be directed to the original post.

Have a Great Friday and an even better weekend.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lady Loves : Steam Cream

This is my second "Lady Loves" for the week but I have to share...

Although this beauty was launched into the Australian market last year, I discovered this late night shopping in Hong Kong on my Last Trip. SteamCream is a face, hand and body lotion. It is no fuss cream that uses an age-old steam-infused manufacturing process, Steam Cream provides intensive hydration.

The smell is not particularly pleasant and reminds me of an antiseptic cream, but i am now used to the smell and my face loves it. My skin soaks it up quickly and leaves you feeling hydrated all day.

The great thing about the cream is its packaging, They come in limited edition tins with various prints and patterns. Once a design sells out its gone forever, so they end up being a collect-able and are great for storing little knick knacks, like beads or buttons.
Steam Cream image taken from

SteamCream also runs a competition for all budding designers and artist to submit a design through their website to have the chance of your design placed on one of their limited edition run of tins. The design brief is that the design is eclectic, global and inclusive of all artistic styles and tastes.

Available at Kit Cosmetics for $24.95 it is a great simple, affordable face, hand and body cream.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Typography finds on my travels

I came across some really nice uses of type within stores on my trip. Being a Graphic Designer I am drawn to type.

Fossil (i think) NYC

Anthropology NYC

Opening Ceremony, Soho, NYC

Opening Ceremony, Soho, NYC

Opening Ceremony, Soho, NYC

Nike Town London

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New York...From a Taxi

Well I was stuck in Traffic in a Taxi..... On my way to a business meeting.......So I decided to document my Taxi ride with my IPhone.

I just Love Shakeit Photo

Monday, April 11, 2011

New York........I love you

I love New York. Rain, Hail or Shine, I love it. I will never for get my first time in New York City 5 years ago. I was on my first Trend Trip with Queen Elizabeth and I can remember the exhilaration and overwhelming feeling of OMG when i first saw Times Square.

Times Square August 10 - Steamy Hot Summers Night
I have a bit of a routine when I am here, due to being there for work purposes I have limited amounts of time to explore and discover new things. But I will share with you some of my favourites of this lovely city!!

With Starbucks on every corner and sometimes your only option when it comes to "Real" Coffee, i have made a concerted effort to find good coffee in NYC. My First pick is Gimme Coffee. Located in Nolita at 228 Mott St, it is small but the coffee is great. Second pick is Ground Support in Soho (339 West Broadway). Great friendly staff and great coffee.

This Trip i stayed in a new neighbour, that being the Lower East Side or LES for short. I stayed at Hotel on Rivington. i stayed in a basic room on a lower floor but if you have the budget try and stay on a higher floor as the views of the city are magnificent. (Check out there website) Rooms here are big and spacious for the price. 

Breakfast is a steal for $5 at the Thor Resturant.

Voted one of  the Sexiest Hotels the establishment is cool. Friday and Saturday nights the downstairs bar turns into a club with the line long and the music pumping.

Hotel On Rivington (image from Expedia)

View from my Room (not so Glam)

The candy store right at my doorstep (I restrained myself from going in!)

One thing I do do every trip, and yes it is a bit much and terribly cliche, is visit Magnolia Bakery. Made famous by Sex and the City, the lines can be out the door.  The original bakery is in Bleecker street but the have and store in Midtown, so I visit for a late lunch every trip and eat my cupcakes for lunch (Red Velvet and Vanilla/Vanilla is my Ultimate). Not a nutritious lunch but absolutely delicious.

My goal in the next year is to go to NYC for a Holiday....Not for work. So i can show Lord Fable my favourite city in the world and sink my teeth into this great city and enjoy it for all is Glory.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lady Loves: Malin + Goetz Deoderant

I had read about this "Amazing" Deodorant and have tried to buy it here at Mecca, but it seems to always be out of stock. (I have just checked and you can buy it there now for AU$29.00). So while in NYC I went to to the Malin + Goetz counter at Bloomingdales to get me some!

Granted this is expensive in comparison to your everyday Rexona roll on, but once you use it you will be converted and never turn back. It has a eucalyptus extract so it smell refreshing and is aluminum and alcohol free. It has also been awarded best new grooming product from Wallpaper magazine.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What a Month it has been...

Well this month has been an amazing whirlwind of travel, milestones and accomplishments. This week I am having a catch up to share with you my adventures, finds and new loves. I have had a great month where I have been apart of my best friends wedding, flown around the world for a trend trip for work, turned 30 and with that realised life is too short and to make the most of every second. I have quoted of late "I am too old for this and that", just thinking that makes me giggle. Anyone would think that I turned 70!! 
Stay tuned peoples, More to come soon.
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