Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

At the start of this year I posted my new year resolutions. As a reflect on the year that was and the resolutions I made I am one happy lady... Here is a quick recap:

1. TO NOT BE A BAD BLOGGER: Note to Self, if you write another post saying "i have been a bad blogger" due to not posted you might as well delete the blog. This will not happen. Once a week is my aim with the chance of more
    • Well I haven't been the best blogger but i have made a change to make it better. I undertook Holly Becker's e-couse from Decor8, Blogging your way. Here I learnt so many things to improve my blog. One thing that I am proud of is that I "Came out" and shared my blog with my friends and family on Facebook and I have seen and increase in readership. It was highly inspiring and I recommend it to anyone that has started or is starting a blog. The great thing also is you can connect with students during and after the course which is so valuable.
    • The other thing that I learnt is if i don't have anything to post.... Don't post a thing.
2. TO SHOWCASE LADY FABLES PALACE: My one love that I have actually accomplished last year was to show case my Palace. I will continue to do this and share my inspirations.
    •  The Palace is moving along smoothly and I am happy with its progress.....I am currently putting the finishing touches on the study and I can't wait to show you
3. This one is a little far fetched but..... To somehow have A MENTION IN REAL LIVING MAGAZINE. Real living is my favourite mag for all things House and home. it says it in the name and i can totally relate to its contents. My aim for 2011 is to some how get a mention in it.
    • Ok, this didn't happen. I entered the Real Living decorator competition but unfortunately i didn't get a mention. But the one thing I did learn is that if I am happy with my "Palace" and how I decorate it, that is a reward enough. As much as Real Living is one of my favourite mags, a mention is not the be all and end all.
4. TO CHILLAX: I am a stress head, i worry about everything and how we are going to get it done. This year I want to get my priorities right and learn to be relaxed with myself.... and to realise that when I have nothing to do, it will be ok and just pick up a book and take some time to relax
    • This took work but i think that I have accomplished this. :)
So for 2012, what do I want to achieve? Not much really, I am so happy with where I am at the moment, both professionally and personally. but I have a few minor things that I would like to work on:

  1. Increase Lady Fable's readership and content
  2. Get out more and explore the great city I live in (Melbourne, for those who don't know) and document it for my blog
That's it really. simple.

Do you have any great dreams for next year? Did you fulfill your resolutions from last year?

However you celebrate the night tonight, enjoy and be safe. I will see you all next year. May it be great.


Lady Fable

Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Fable

I have completely lost track of what day it is. It always happens to me this time of year, which is great. So today ladies I will post the last Friday Fable for the year.

Source: via Lady on Pinterest

We are human after all...

Enjoy your last day of 2011 tomorrow.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I have the Golden Recipe's!!!

Two Christmas's ago, I posted about my dear Babicka (Grandmother), and her divine Christmas biscuits. The Queen Mother has gave her a recipe book before Christmas last year so that she could write in the recipes and give it to me for Christmas. It didn't happen.

My 30th was in March, all I wanted was the recipes..... that didn't happen either.

She kept on telling me that she needed to translate the recipes from Czech to English and how much of a painful task it was. The funny thing out of all of this is that she doesn't refer to the recipe as she has been making these bikkies for over 50 years she knows them off by heart.

But alas Lady got her recipes on Christmas Eve, not in the recipe book as Babicka didn't know where to write them. (cute). So, she wrote them on the back of old Christmas cards. (Genius idea for recycling Christmas cards).

There is something really nice about your Grandmothers writing so curly and delicate. She also wrote a little note that she made one of the biscuits with certain nuts as that is what my Dad likes. I was expecting a long difficult recipe as it has taken nearly two years to get them but really they look simple.

I am planning to share with you all, but first I will test them out for myself (Just in case Bab's has missed a key ingredient).

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tis the Season....... to be Sadie the cleaning lady!

If anyone of you are like me at Christmas, I clean. I have been cleaning and going through the Palace (it is small but bi-jingo I have hidden something in every nook and cranny). I have come across three years worth of Real living, Frankie and Shop mags. I could not bear to part with them but I have gone through them all and torn out the things I liked and loved. Filed them away in neat little piles and will be used for a future series of posts.

But I have found the most amazing letters and cards from my gorgeous Lady's. I am such a lucky girl to know that I have some of the greatest Friends and Family.

I have also gone mini project crazy. I am really just trying to make the most of the 10 days I have off. My two main aims is organise and finish the office and work out what is going above the bed. Please note that for the past two months we have had various things stuck on the wall with blu-tak to see if we liked it. Since doing this most of the items have fallen off and all we are left with are randomly placed blobs of blu-tak on the wall. Now that ain't pretty!

What have you been doing over the break? Cleaning, relaxing etc.

Stay posted my pretties for the unveiling of the clean, project mastered palace.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Lady Fable

Merry Christmas! May you day will be filled with Cheer, gifts and love. Enjoy! I hope Santa was good to you all and look forward to sharing my adventures with you in 2012.

Lots of Love

Lady Fable

Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Fable

What a year it has been..... "Don't give up" has been my motto this year. As work finished up today, I reflected on my commute home on my year and what I have accomplished. It has an amazing roller coaster and I survived and got there. Now for a short but great break with family friends.

How will you spend your Christmas break?

Enjoy the days ahead.


Lady Fable

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday Fable

They days are just flying and i keep missing to post on a Friday. Christmas really has creeped up and got me this year.

With all the functions that are on at this time of year, you are always puzzled on what to wear. Today's post is about the most important thing you can wear. A smile. It doesn't matter how nice your shoes or you make up is, if you are not wearing a smile your outfit will definitely will not be rockin'

Happy Weekend Ladies!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Monthly Macaron: La Belle Miette


I have been waiting for the day that I could sink my teeth into the loveliness of a La Belle Miette Macaron. I had heard that these were divine and possibly a contenter in the Best Macaron in Melboure. I have in the past month had several attempts to visit the store, but as I didn't check the hours before leaving home I was always too early or too late.

Yesterday I was in luck! There was not much left but I walked away with 6 different flavours complete with the cutest little box.
Complimentary Box that you get your Macarons in
Shop front of the Hardware Lane Store
 The flavours I tasted were:

Strawberry & Vanilla
Violet & Blueberry
‘Bastille’ – Moet et Chandon and Blackcurrant

They were all amazing. Consistency and texture were equal amongst all of them and flavour was 10 out of 10. I would say that these are the best macarons I have tasted in Melbourne so far. I recommend everyone to go down and have a look and a taste.

I wanted to have a try of the Salted Caramel and the Vanilla and Olive Oil, but there was none left. I now have an excuse to go back and buy some more.

For Christmas they have special boxes and gift tags that you can purchase for an additional cost.

They have two stores, one in Hardware Lane and on in Church Street Richmond. They are normally closed on Sundays but up until Christmas the Hardware Lane store will be open. Yay!

Its going to be hard to find a Macaron that is better than these babies in Melbourne. Can anyone suggest a worthy contender?

30 Hardware Lane Melbourne 3000 &
432 Church Street Richmond 3121

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Fable

Yesterday I attended a Women in Business Network Luncheon. It was great to be invited and was inspired by the guest speaker, Chris Helder. A very funny, loud, yank, that captivated the crowd of 450 chatty women. He spoke about communication, engaging and attracting people. He finished with a Helen Keller quote that has stuck in my head since. "Life is eiter a daring adventure or nothing"

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

So I jumped on Pinterest and I came accross this Etsy store, Happy Deliveries that sells this print for $20USD.

Happy Friday!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

TDF Open House

One word, WOW! I thought by getting up early this morning I would beat the crowd and get to TDF Open House just before it opened. Early, yes! Beat the crowds, no! The hype about the open house lived up to everything that I thought it would be, and most of Melbourne that seemed to have visited agree.

For those who are not aware The Design Files Open House is the brain child of Lucy from The Design Files and Ester from the Project Agency. Together they have put together this mammoth pop up shop for 4 days only in the back Streets of Fitzroy, Melbourne.

I got there just before 10am and like me, there were about 10 eager beavers waiting out the front with the same intention of getting in early. The roller door went up and I went in. Upon entry I didn't know where to look, there was something on every wall, nook and shelf! I was in heaven.

The home is a warehouse conversion. Everything on the floor was up for sale, I mean everything! (Yes, even the kitchen sink!)  The house had a master bedroom, ensuite, kids bedroom, dining room and garage downstairs. Upstairs was an open plan kitchen, meals and lounge area. Also upstairs was an outdoor terrace with furniture from Jarden and a coffee and sweets stand (which I bypassed as I am saving my sweet tooth for my Monthly Macaron post next week).

TDF Open House. All pictures taken by Lady Fable
The influx of people made it difficult to take a lot of pictures but here are some snapshots I took on the trusty iPhone using instagram.

Runing from left to right from the top down:
  1. The A-frame letting you know you have found TDF Open House.
  2. Mini Christmas trees from Joost 
  3. The first thing you are greeted by when you walk in - Racing Red Mini Cooper 
  4. The most amazing planter wall
  5. Collection of some of the work available to purchase. works by Kat Mcleod, Kirra Jamison, Kate Tucker
  6. The Outdoor area, umbrellas by Basil Bangs and Furniture from Jardan
If was a great Sunday morning to visit. For those who didn't get down there, never fear TDF Open House are going online as off tomorrow. So you can buy anything that was in the house, with guaranteed delivery before xmas (I am pretty sure that will be only for domestic Australian delivery).

So Did Lady purchase anything you may ask? Well, as much as I wanted the vintage Bally poster from Galerie Montmarte that was in the Kids Room.  I walked away with The Design files 2012 calendar and Conversations with Creative Women.

Friday Fable

Well the week has been manic and the new two are not going to be much better. Why does time fly so quickly. I must be having too much fun! I am posting this this week as I have said "everything is going to be alright" about twenty times this week.

Every little thing will be alright,  everything will get done the best we can but we need to also remember we are human.


Source: via Teresa on Pinterest

TDF Open House. Last day & Melbourne Design Market

Hi there Fable followers!

Today is the last day of TDF Open house. I am making my way down there today to have a look. From all reports it is amazing and it worth a look even if you are not planning to buy anything.

You will find the Open House at:

40 Lt Napier Street, Fitzroy

Also the Melbourne Design Market is on today in the Fed square carpark. It is great and is the perfect place to get some Chrissy pressies. I went last year and it was mayhem with people everywhere but I picked up some great goodies.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

For those who are not in Melbourne, i am going to post some pics of my visit to TDF Open house later today.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friday Fable

Well due to a stubborn computer that has chucked a tantrum I am somewhat late in posting my Friday Fable. It is amazing how you are restricted when your computer needs to go to the hostpital. Thankfully with reading a few forums my dear mac didn't need to go into surgury,

Search Quotes
Enjoy! The weather in Melbourne has been terrible. Yesterday it rained so much. Thankfully there are only clouds covering us today and not buckets of rain. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Love Lady Fable

Monday, November 21, 2011

Road Trip

Can you believe we have little more than a month and it will be Christmas??!! The Christmas Party caper started for myself and Lord Fable this weekend with a trek to Bendigo on Sunday. We made an impromptu decision to leave Saturday morning and drive over the border to Moama to visit Lord Fable's parents newly renovated Holiday home.

I have not been to this part of Victoria for nearly 15 years and it was great to go through some quaint little towns. Although we were on a time line I did come across some beauties.

Just past Heathcote, we went past another creek. But this one we had to stop for. Lady's Creek. Perfect!

The weather was against us, with drizzly rain but 30 mins from the border we went through a very small town called Elmore. Here we stopped at Elmore Old Wares. The store was full or antique and vintage goodies. Currently I am on a mission to find some old scalloped edged mirror, I was hopefull when well walked in but unfortunatly I was not in luck. See below some of the pieces that caught my eye.

Elmore Home Wares

They had so many great plates here and even better prices.  If I had any bare walls left in the palace I would have bought some and did something like this.....
via Adventures in Dressmaking
So we made it to Moama and we settled in and drank wine on the deck with great views of the Murray. I watched the man in the neighbouring unit feed a Kookaburra with a spoon! They come and visit the same time every day for a feed. I really should have taken a photo but I was so amazed by it.

Sunday morning we made our way to my Aunt's place in Bendigo for lunch and then made for  the two hour drive home. A long drive but I discovered cruise control as I drove home in Lord Fables Car. OMG it is amazing! Great Weekend!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fable

photo from The Bean and Bear

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I have a slight obsession at the moment. NEON. It is a crazy obsession, theyare so fun and wearing the colours makes me smile. These are my latest neon obsessions:

1. Roses from Camberwell market: I went here on the weekend and picked up these gorgeous coral roses. Lady Fable rule #3 always have fresh cut flowers in the house!
2. Pantone Neon brights - I work with the Pantone Fashion and Home colour pallete every day and have loved the new range of nylon/neon brights that they have just realeased.
3. Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Collide - get it now at Myer
4. Inside Out Magazine - Nov/December issue. How awesome is this cover, I was drawn to it.
5. Triwa watch - I am never going to afford a J12 I purchased myself a Triwa "Brasco" watch in sunrise from Twisted Time.
6 & 7 These are my favourite scarves at the moment (of course with a hint of neon loveliness). The best accessory to lift an outfit. These were both purchased from H&M last year. For those who don't know me I don't leave the house most days with out wearing a scarf, I wear them all year round.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bloomin' Sunday: Pretty Peonies

Last week end I went to visit one of my Fair Lady's and her month old little princess. I was delivering a bunch of beautiful Peonies for a friend for her. Once in the vase and in its rightful spot I was inspired to take these shots.

all photos by Lady Fable
This time of year is perfect for peonies and these beauties just looked lovely, I couldn't resist taking these shots.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend.


Lady Fable

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Fable

It is always the way.

Happy Friday

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Weekend

Well the sun is shining in Melbourne today! Weather is forecasted to be sunny and 30 degrees for the next couple of days. What are you going to be up to this weekend? Whatever it is, enjoy!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Fable

This weeks Friday Fable goes out to all of my classmates doing the BYW course.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

LADY LOVING: L'avion Hamptons Bags

L'avion has been on my radar for a while. The creation of Jo Scahill, L'avion is a boutique accessory company based out of Sydney. It's collections are based on some of my favourite cites such as, Paris, New York, London and one place I have not been to, the Hamptons.

L'avion have just released their Hamptons Bags. These lovelies are handmade and have natural leather handles that come in three great colours. Beach blue, paradise pink and lawn green. This bags are perfect for a picnic in the park, a day at the beach or a for a visit to the local farmers market. The Hamptons bag is chic and is a great bag for pretty much any occasion.

L'avion Hamptons Bag
I am putting the beach blue colour on Lady Fable's wish list for Christmas. If you go to the L'avion website be sure to check out the complete range. I love the ribbon scarves and Jo's Blog.

I have been inspired to wear a head scarf tomorrow!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Lady's Monthly Macaron


I would like to introduce you to a passion of mine and a new column that I will be having on my blog once a month, appropriatly named..... Monthly Macaron. The reason this is not a weekly post is because Lady doesn't want to be the side of a house!

I love macarons, little morsels of lovely crispy goodness!  I had my first on in Paris 4 years ago from Laduree. They were amazing, and I have been some what obsessed in finding the perfect macaron in my home town, Melbourne. For this month's "Monthly Macaron", I will be sharing a macaron experience that I had in New York in August.

So each month give my regal opinion on the flavour, freshness, consistency and Presentation. When I travel I will hunt down Macaron stores to test, but mainly I will be trekking the streets of Melbourne for the best Macarons.

I was in New York in August and I stumbled upon Bisous Macaron in the Lower East Side.

They were divine. I bought half a dozen and made my way to find a place to sit and eat them. Due to the weather being a bit steamy, I had no excuse but to gobble them all up in one sitting! They were fresh, crispy on the outside and gooey in the centre.  I also loved the shop front, and the packaging.

So here is my rating:

Flavour - Favourite would have to be salted caramel, not far behind how ever is the lavender and honey
Freshness - Amazing, one of the freshest macarons I have ever had
Consistency - varied between flavours, one may have had more filling that the other, but over all very yum
Presentation - Presented in a matchbox like box with stores trademark colours. with a small fold up menu of what you ordered just in case you forget.

Overall Rating: 8/10

If you are in the LES while in New York and you are fond of a Macaron, or two or six! Head on down to Biscous Ciao Macaron

101 Stanton St. 
NYC 10002
between Ludlow and Orchard

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Don't Know How She Does It!

I have had a secret crush on Sarah Jessica Parker since she started Sex in the City. Her effortless style and her super shoe collection!

I watched the trailer to her new movie "I Don't Know How She Does It" a couple of weeks ago and I instantly put it on my must see movie list. The format has the same feel as what SATC had, where she would talk to the audience. However in this movie, she is a mother of two, married and juggles a career. The format looks great and something that any woman could relate too, trying to fit everything in. I certainly am struggling to blog and work full time at the moment and I, the Lady doesn't have a Prince or Princess to look after!

So Nuffnang are running a competition for tickets to the Melbourne Premiere of I Don't Know How She Does It. And I would love to go. I have already pictured my outfit in my head.........Simple, colour, a little bit of bling. 
My ingredients for this outfit are:
  • Super sexy simple patterned silk dress
  • Blending with a pair of killer high heels
  • a dash of gold
  •  garnished with some accessories
I have put together a mood board on Polyvore of my outfit.
Purple and Gold
To see SJP in the flesh would make my year!

What would you wear to a move Premiere?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

End of an Era: Spacetrader Beads

I was massively saddened when I received an email from Spacetrader Beads last week annoucing a sale. Once I clicked on the site I came to learn that they were shutting their doors after 20 years of selling beads.

When I was a university I would make jewelery for some extra cash and Spacetrader was the best place to go, as they were online, and their range was vast and was great value.

This post is a tribute to them and to say thanks for all the great beads I have bought from Spacetrader over the years. 

I am also writing to tell you how great the sale is. I have just purchased a lot of crystal beads as they are such good value. I highly recommend if you are a beadie that you get in quick before they close their doors.

Photos taken of the recent bead purchase from Spacetrader
For some reason I am drawn to green tones at the moment as you can see from the crystal beads I took photos of. I have been inspired to get my bead gear out and begin making my one off pieces again.

Has anything happened to you this week to inspire you to create something?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fable

Available from LuciusArt store on etsy.
It says it all!

Have a great weekend.

Lady Fable

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lady Loves: French Bulldogs

Lady had a day off today and went a got a new do!! I got to play with my hairdresser's puppies Ruby and Oliver. Aren't they divine, this season's must have accessory, a French Bullldog.

I want one so bad, but unfortunatly the Palace is not suitable for a fur baby!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lady is Excited: TDF Open House

I was delighted this morning to see my Daily Design Files post in my inbox, as I am every morning. It has been my morning ritual for the last two and a half years, but this morning it was different. I was super excited. Lucy has come up with a great concept in conjunction with The Project Agency. The Design Files Open House, a pop-up (which is all the rage at the moment), but this one is pop-up with a twist. This is not in a vacant shop, it is in a residential house! Running for four days from December 1-4, you will be able to buy the wares in the house. I mean everything and you can buy it on the spot and also online. This is an amazing concept. I am there with bells on! Check it out.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Fable

A great man left us yesterday.
RIP Steve Jobs, your ideas have changed the world.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friday Fable

A few months ago I went to the Design Files talk at the GPO as a part of the State of Design Festival. One thing that has stuck in my mind was something Beci Orpin said. I found this on Pinterest the other week and I think that these are a pretty way of showing what Beci said.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Trend: Nail Art

On my last Safari, I was lucky enough to get my nails done, for free too! But this was no normal mani. After spending 60 Pound at Top Shop Knightsbridge I was entitled to getting my nails made pretty by the Wah! Nails Team. I had nine designs to choose from. I couldn't make up my mind so I got a design on every finger. I loved this and it lasted for ages.

After having this done, I have noticed Nail art everywhere. Well not everywhere but it is all over my new obsession Pinterest.  I have always seen nail art to be a bit skanky, women with acrylic nails with jewels and gems but as you can see below it on your natural nails it can look fab. I love the use of the black matt and gloss polish together.

Now I need to need to find somewhere in Melbourne that isn't a rip off to get this done, or practice to do it on myself.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Flower Power

I can remember only 8 or so years ago, Lord Fable bought me a lovely arrangement of flowers. A lovely thought but at the time we had no Palace and not much money, so I lost it at him and told him not to waste his money on flowers. Since then I have never got flowers from him, nor did I deserve too!

Eight years on Lady Fable has changed her tune...... I am in love with flowers and it is Palace rules that there are always flowers about. I have also resided to buying flowers for the difficult, yet lovely people who have everything under the sun and also those "who don't want anything for their birthday!" (Yes, Queen Mumma I am talking about you!)

There are so many florists out and about but my favourite at the moment for their vast and great range, but also for great value is Flowers Vasette. Located at 247 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, I will go completely go out of my way to get flowers.

Image from Flower Vasette website

Everything is merchandised fantastically by colour. It is so inspiring, and takes me at least 10 minutes to decide what I want.

Best florist in Melbourne and if ever in doubt on what to get some close to you for a gift. Go Flowers all the way. There is something about a bloom, it lights up a room.

Note: Lord Fable if you read this, I will never yell at you for buying me flowers again. I Promise.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I am now using BlogLovin to get the Lady Love out there.

Lady Loves: Pinterest

Ok, instead of reading the paper or watching the news for the things that are happening in the real world, I have been spending time on Pinterest. This is my Virtual mood board for all the things I like, love, would like to have and live by.

Pinterest is a creative community where you can "Repin" from other peoples boards or "repin" from external sites via bookmarklet.

Currently, I have 14 boards going, spanning from beauty, fashion, colour, the funny, the cute and my favourite, Notable quotables.

As I have been a little naughty and not Friday Fabled in a while, I thought I would post some of the great quotes I have picked up in the last couple of weeks.

All Repinned by Lady Fable from (left to right) Bridget Gallagher onto Wise Words., Quotes & Inspiration by Kristin Johnson , ,

If you are seeking to be inspired get on Pinterest.

Lady Loves: iPad App LetterMpress

Reading my favourite Blog The Design Files recently I notice a sponsored add for LetterMpress. A new iPad app that replicates a Letter Press. I love letter press, it is such a beautiful, traditional artform. I instantly went to the app store and purchased this baby, for $6.49AUD it is a beauty.

After playing around with the application (i didn't read the instructions) for about 45 mins I got the hang of it. It kept me entertained for hours.

Step One - Compose: Place your type and characters down on the plate. You can add spaces and scale the letters and also change your fonts!

Step Two - Getting ready to Print: Here you can select your ink colour, coverage and even the paper colour. As you can see it is exactly like a letter press.

 Step Three - Print and Save: Once you have printed this gets saved to the paper rack and you can put it through the press again in a different colour or design.
I have to admit getting everything the right way to print took me a while to get my head around. This, however has keep my entertained for hours and it a great way to replicate letterpress on the iPad.

Happy Faux Printing

Love the Lady

Saturday, August 20, 2011

London: Selfridges Windows

One of the things I love about London is Selfridge's window displays. Spanning the entire front of the store, there are 10 metre wide windows that amaze me every time. The

The Selfridges Autumn/Winter are name "Technicolourology". The widows scream colour and are inspired by the new collections that have just dropped instore. Futuristic and caroonlike is shows that colour blocking is still a strong trend and the windows replicate this Bright pops and neon loveliness that clash and compliment. The zany cartoon like display remind me of the shows I watched as a child, Fraggle Rock, Seaseme Street and the Muppets.

On top of the wide array of colours, many textures are used throughout. Fur, Plastic, Knits you name it, its there.

See below my images, please excuse the reflection of the buildings across the way and um Me! :)

I just shows that colour is still strong in Fashion for next season.

So reminds me of "Pick up Sticks"

Friday Fable

Well my safari is over and I am back in town (one day late for Lord Fables 30th Bithday). I am so happy to sleep in my own bed and be back with my lovely Lord.

My words today are what I wrote in Lord Fables birthday card and are words that I have picked up from someone when I turned the big 3 - 0!

"Your 20's are for learning
Your 30's are for Living"
I have so much to share with you of the things I discovered over the last week and I hope to get to all of it very soon. Stay tuned ladies and lords!

Happy weekend!!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday Fable: Missing in Action

My absence can be explained..... I am on a very busy safari for the real job. 20 days away from my lovely Lord, my palace and slightly happy that I am away from the office. But I miss the maidens though.

I have had an whirlwind trip the I will share with you all when I get a chance to stop, look and type.

Technically it is Friday where I am. So it time for some wise words. I have met some amazing people over the last two weeks and I have been given three simple words, that sum up everything that I am currently dealing with.


So true, I have met believers and those who will spend the rest of their life on the corporate merry go round. Who will never move forward

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Fable

Enough said Fred!!

Happy Friday to all!!
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