Monday, October 11, 2010

Ok, I'm a Bad Blogger

OK, I am a bad blogger, it has been one month and four days since my last post. My excuse, life. Slightly dramatic but I have had no time to scratch myself. My plan is to redeem myself over the next two weeks. How? You may ask. Well I am on holidays, I have escaped the real world. Many of my friends think that I am made for taking my laptop with me on my heavenly holiday, but for me, my laptop and my phone are my security blanket.

I have escaped to Thailand for 12 whole nights and I am here to relax, eat, drink, get a lovely tan and catch up on my blog. I love Lady Fable and I find it relaxing updating it and telling my few readers what I have been doing and what I love.

So Lord and Lady Fable are staying in Phuket, near Rawaii Beach. I am a creature of habit and this is the third time I have stayed at the Evason.  I have come in October three times in the last four years. Yes it is wet season but we still get some lovely weather. (However. as I am typing this post however it is absolutely pouring with rain). And the prices to stay here at this time are dirt cheap!

The Evason is huge, three pools (one which is adults only, for tranquil peace and quiet) as private island that is a 10 minute longtail boat ride from the resort, 5 resturants, this list goes on and one. The great thing is it is away from the hustle and bustle. 30mins car ride from Patong, where is is tourist central and in my eyes not really relaxing.

Pictures of my trip to follow and also I need to finish my blog posts from my August trip, Naughty Lady Fable

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