Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lady Fable's Holiday Essentials

When I go on holidays, I keep it simple. I few dresses, tees and tanks, and of course 3-4 pairs of swimmers. But the things that I can't go without are my products. Listed below are my MUST Have holiday products:

  1. Juuce Sea Salt Spray - available from Petra Haircare ($25.95) - This is a beauty, the last thing you want to do when you are way is blow drying and straightenig your hair, this spray give your hair a texture and finish of tousled beach hair, awesome and very HOLIDAY
  2. Sunscreen - I love to use Toddler sunscreen on my face as i don't get break outs and it is affordable. and for the rest of my bod i use a 30+ Coconut spray.
  3. Aftersun Care - you can't go wrong and must pack Aloe Vera, and a good body moisturiser. (Funny story: I asked Lord Fable to by me some moisturer before we left as I had no time to get to the store and he bought triple moisterising BODY WASH instead, very cute, made me giggle!)
  4. Make up: A Bronzer and Lip Gloss. Simple and Easy. I recommend that you have your eyelashes tinted too, I had no time before I left so I have reluctantly packed my mascara.

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