Monday, October 18, 2010

Being on Holidays is Lovely......

Ok.... I said I was going to be good and blog a lot when I was away and I haven't. but I just wanted to say going on holidays is the best thing in the world. I make a vow now to never rack up 10 weeks annual leave from my real world job, ever, again.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lady Fable's Holiday Essentials

When I go on holidays, I keep it simple. I few dresses, tees and tanks, and of course 3-4 pairs of swimmers. But the things that I can't go without are my products. Listed below are my MUST Have holiday products:

  1. Juuce Sea Salt Spray - available from Petra Haircare ($25.95) - This is a beauty, the last thing you want to do when you are way is blow drying and straightenig your hair, this spray give your hair a texture and finish of tousled beach hair, awesome and very HOLIDAY
  2. Sunscreen - I love to use Toddler sunscreen on my face as i don't get break outs and it is affordable. and for the rest of my bod i use a 30+ Coconut spray.
  3. Aftersun Care - you can't go wrong and must pack Aloe Vera, and a good body moisturiser. (Funny story: I asked Lord Fable to by me some moisturer before we left as I had no time to get to the store and he bought triple moisterising BODY WASH instead, very cute, made me giggle!)
  4. Make up: A Bronzer and Lip Gloss. Simple and Easy. I recommend that you have your eyelashes tinted too, I had no time before I left so I have reluctantly packed my mascara.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Online Zine: Adore Home Magazine

A new home magazine has been launched and I am featuring it as it is an Australia creation Founded and created by designer Loni Parker. Adore Home has a crisp and refreshing layout with and abundance inspiration for your home. I especially like the home office feature as I am looking for new ideas for my home office in my palace.

Another feature that is close to my heart is travel bags, I don't think that there is enough nice functional bags out in the market. Adore features some. I love graphic prints!!

This issue has a spring theme. Full of 68 pages of loveliness, I highly recommend a look-see. Below are some grabs from the launch issue.

Cover of the Launch Issue

Home Office Organization

Love the configuration of random pictures

Close to my heart: Travel Bags

Pretty Little Things

I just got and email from Oye Modern of there new items, Maybe a little early for Christmas shopping but I had to share these beauties. These origami pendants are adorable. You can get a bunny, a parrot, a lion. Designed by French design team Claire & Arnaud they have created a line of perfectly folded origami shapes in Gun Metal Grey.  I want one!

These are currently out of stock with a 2-3 week wait, but it is so worth it for these cuties!!

Claire & Arnaud Swan, Oye Modern, AUD $150

Ok, I'm a Bad Blogger

OK, I am a bad blogger, it has been one month and four days since my last post. My excuse, life. Slightly dramatic but I have had no time to scratch myself. My plan is to redeem myself over the next two weeks. How? You may ask. Well I am on holidays, I have escaped the real world. Many of my friends think that I am made for taking my laptop with me on my heavenly holiday, but for me, my laptop and my phone are my security blanket.

I have escaped to Thailand for 12 whole nights and I am here to relax, eat, drink, get a lovely tan and catch up on my blog. I love Lady Fable and I find it relaxing updating it and telling my few readers what I have been doing and what I love.

So Lord and Lady Fable are staying in Phuket, near Rawaii Beach. I am a creature of habit and this is the third time I have stayed at the Evason.  I have come in October three times in the last four years. Yes it is wet season but we still get some lovely weather. (However. as I am typing this post however it is absolutely pouring with rain). And the prices to stay here at this time are dirt cheap!

The Evason is huge, three pools (one which is adults only, for tranquil peace and quiet) as private island that is a 10 minute longtail boat ride from the resort, 5 resturants, this list goes on and one. The great thing is it is away from the hustle and bustle. 30mins car ride from Patong, where is is tourist central and in my eyes not really relaxing.

Pictures of my trip to follow and also I need to finish my blog posts from my August trip, Naughty Lady Fable
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