Monday, September 6, 2010

New York, I love you

Next stop is New York. My favourite city in the world. I describe it as and onion, each time I go i find something new, i peel away another layer, a new shop and new coffee house that I love. New York in the summer is painfully humid but according to the locals I had missed most of it and I was blessed with comfortable, balmy weather.

I arrive on a Friday night. The traffic is choas but the great thing is all cabs are capped at $45US + plus tolls and your tip. I make it to my hotel. I was staying at the Soho Grand, this is a uber cool boutiquw hotel where, if you are lucky you will have a celebrity spotting moment, but I was not so lucky. The staff there are great and if you are traveling alone you have the option at check to have a goldfish placed in your room for company. I took up the goldfish option and named it Sandy. Don't ask me why, it was the first name that came to my head (it was a black bug eyed fish, so it makes no sense at all!)

Sandy the Bog Eyed Fishy

Soho is a great area for High Street Chains that you can find on Broadway, but Soho is well known for its smaller streets with great art galleries, furniture stores, resturants and cool loft apartments. This area has been tainted by the chain store, but I still love walking through the streets, looking at the great buildings and stores.

View from my room at the Soho Grand 

Check in Came with Champers!! Lovely

Next Post I will touch on the rest to my New York. I will cover a few place to eat, great coffee, and my favourite things I do when I am in the Big Apple. (Sorry for delay on this, i am very much behind!)


MnM said...

More more more!


Lady Fable said...

I am getting there, but Lady has been busy with the real world, and has had bloggers block. xxx

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