Sunday, July 11, 2010

Market Day in the City!

I have had one of the best days today. The sun was beaming down on Melbourne as I trekked into the city reasonably early to head to the Melbourne Design Market. Held on the 3rd level of the Fed Square car park, I arrive and there are people everywhere.  Only a small market but highly popular. Lots of my favourite online stores had a stall. Popular due to the market only being held twice a year, July and December. Notemaker, Best in Park, Ute, Design Dispensary, to name a few. Or at least the ones that caught my eye!

butterfly coat rack, Ute Design, $129AUD

Link Placemats, Set of 6, Ute Design, $49.95AUD

Next stop was the MarkIt in the atrium at fed square, coincidentally two markets on at the same time within a stone throw of each other. Gold! This market was ten times more packed to the rafters that the Design Market. Unfortunately I couldn't get to all the stalls as I was not willing to take on all the prams and pushers. My favs were Bride & Wolfe, Bonasera, Lola & Bailey.

There was way too many people here which was a shame, the way they configured the markets was a nightmare. Was worth going, just don't like having to fight for to get a look in. Most of the stalls have a online presence where you can purchase online, which I plan to do.

After this I strolled the long way back to my car via Laurent for coffee and one of their scrummy custard donuts. Then a little shop, shop for me and then made my way back home to the Palace.

Perfect weather, Perfect Day!

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