Friday, July 2, 2010

Lady O Lovin - Benefit

So how many times have you been trying to kill time, walk through a department store beauty department and get accosted by a sales girl? Well I am a sucker.

Recently a sat down for a "mini makeover" at a Benefit counter. I had never used their product before, I had always assumed that the product was all about the kitsh names and packaging. I have been recently converted and wanted to share my new found make up love.

Benefit Love #1 - Hello Flawless
Hello perfect finish. Light and fluffy powder. 

 Benefit Love #2 - Stay Don't Stray
Great Primer that gives you are perfect base on the eyes.

Benefit Love #3 - Erase Paste
This stuff is magic! It eliminates those dreadful dark circles around the eyes! Brilliant!

So I ended up spending over $200 on make up I didn't need but I have now ditched the old stuff and am madly in love with Benefit.

Benefit is available at most Myer stores.

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