Thursday, July 1, 2010

Amsterdam - Citizen M

Ok, this is a little random, but I went to Amsterdam on my last trip and I drafted this post while I was there. For some reason I didn't post it. So now I am.

I am in Amsterdam for the weekend. On researching on where to stay I came across Citizen M. They have two locations in Amsterdam, the Airport and Amsterdam City. I stayed at the City Hotel. Situated a 10 minute tram ride from the city centre, it is a great boutique hotel.

I arrive to self check-in. All through a nifty touch screen computer. You activate your own room card that also doubles as a luggage tag to use when you leave. Cute and yet a constant reminder of where you stayed everytime you look at your luggage.

The rooms are simple and basic. The Shower and the toilet are in glass cylinders with sliding doors.  You can adjust the mood of the room and the lights change in the shower and toilet cubicles.

The other cute thing about this place is the travel related quotes on the doors.

The lobby is full of lovely modern furniture.

I really enjoyed staying here, lovely and very cool. And most of all it was reasonably priced for a European Hotel. To thumbs up from the Lady,

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