Monday, June 21, 2010

Hidden Coffee Gem: St Ali South Melbourne

Today one of my dearest friends took took me to St Ali in South Melbourne. Named after the patron saint of coffee, it is hidden down Yarra Place off Coventry Street. Housed in a converted warehouse, you would have not known if it was down this pokey little side street if it wasn't for the crowd of people outside waiting to get a table. Across the Place from St Ali is a "Waiting Bay". Here they make you coffee while you wait for you table.

We were lucky, we only had to wait 5mins for our table as we were a "two". Communal eating is the way we are seated. Staff were friendly and super bubbly for a sunday morning.

We get our coffee. OMG it was amazing, the best coffee I have had in ages. Two enthusiatic thumbs up on the coffee. The roast on the premises and can be purchased to take home

Next order my Brunch! I peruse through the menu, and St Ali have put a different spin on there breakfast/brunch. I am a traditionalist when it comes to breakfast, I am a poached eggs and bacon type of girl. So i cringed slightly at the menu of their breakfast with a twist. My friend tells me that Matt Preston is a regular and he always orders "My Mexican Cousin" which consists of corn fritters and poached eggs. Which after waiting nearly 40mins they arrived at the table (which didn't bother me as I was too busy talking and admiring the disjointed, industrial interior. They meal was different and great but the chutney that accompanied it was a little too much (Remember Lady Fable is a traditionalist when it comes to Brunch).

All in all a good experience. Loved the coffee. And also loved how this place is tucked away with no signage. The crowd outside showed how popular it is.

Open for breakfast and coffee 7 days and Dinner from Wednesday through Saturday.

St Ali
12-18 Yarra Place
South Melbourne, Vic, 3205

Ps. i am kicking myself for not taking pics!

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