Sunday, June 20, 2010

My First Decorating Project: Dining @ the Fable Palace

White walls everywhere and what to do. I have been inspired by scandinavian design for the last couple of months. I have been scouring the internet for inspiration for my little place.

I blogged about a bus roll I purchased some months ago and i decided that this would be the centre piece of the dining area in my palace. So I got this beauty framed at The Picture Box in Lygon street East Brunswick.

Next was the dining tables and chairs. The chairs were easy as i know what i wanted from day one, Eames Dining Chairs. I got these from Replica Furniture in Abbotsford. The Guys here are were really great and were a lot more friendly that other Furniture Company that i visited.

The dining table was something I was searching for weeks, but i could not find what I was after. My Last stop was Ikea. And i hit the Jackpot and bought this extendable table. This best thing is it was a steal for $229.

Lastly is my lamp. I came accross this by accident. I was walking down Brunswick Street and went into Thomas Gannon for a look and I found this lamp. A nice addition I think.

Table Accessories were gifts from friends, table runner from Ikea and the large vase is from Target Home.

Close up of my framed bus roll

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