Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPhone addict....

I officially have iphone envy! Lord Fable has just got one and does not appreciate technology, so I kidnapped it over the weekend and downloaded some great free and rather cheap Apps.

Firstly, I have been admiring Mr Jason Grants blog and his great pics.  Jason is the Style Director for Real Living Magazine. He touches on his adventures, great places to shop and of course what he gets up to at Real Living,

His Pics are great, nice saturated colour, grainy Polaroid looking images. So I asked him what he used if it was film or digital. To my surprise he told me it was all on his iphone with a tricky app. That app being ShakeItPhoto. For only $1.19 through the iTunes store it is a steal.

The coolest thing about this App is that you take the pick, the poloroid slides down the screen and the you "shake it like a Polaroid Picture" and Wala, one pretty photo. Obsessed is the only way I can describe it. I took photos are you can see above of everything, mindane yet still kind of cool. An one of me too.

Another great app is MoreLomo. It is free which is even better. It replicates a Lomo camera. I love this. My pics of mundane things are below. I love the colour!!


Now I just have to get my own iPhone.

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