Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all!

I had a very low key NYE, few drinks with some really good friends. My friend is house sitting a old Church that has been converted into a great space, so we had our festivities there. Bedrooms upstairs and everything else down stairs. The one thing that I loved about this place was the hanging glass baulbes that hung from the high ceiling.

I spent 45 mins putting tea lights in about 45 of these baubles. The result was great and well worth it. I have attempted to take some photos. Please see below.

These aren't the best shots in the world but you can get the idea.

I have searched to see where I can buy these beauties in Australia, but only found them on a Crate and Barrel (USA) site  They do do international orders, but you need to put in a request form.

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