Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lady's Top Ten

Today I thought I would share my top ten blogs I read every day religiously. Yes they are all mainly about interiors and design, but they have inpsired my style for decorating my Palace!

  1. Decor8
  2. The Design Files
  3. Desire to Inspire
  4. Draw! Pilgrim
  5. From Scandinavia with love
  6. Mr Jason Grant
  7. Birdy & Me 
  8. Daily Imprint
  9. Lotta Agaton
  10. PoppyTalk

Saturday, November 27, 2010

No, I haven't disappeared of the face of the earth

Hi World, another blogging lapse, naughty me. I have been buying up on the web lately and have found some goodies that I want to share with my peeps. Lady Fable purchases of late:

Bodie and Fou: This is a UK site and while going through my google reader I came across these super cute plates. The are by infamous papercut artist Rob Ryan. His intricately cut paper art has been printed on to these four 9" plates. They are going to look great on the Palace's Walls. Great price too, the only thing was shipping it to here was the same price as the item. But well worth it.
Rob Ryan Plates from Bodie and Fou

 Design Files Calendar: I have a blogger crush on the Design Files, Lucy's Design Files was the reason why I started my own blog last year. She has released a 2011 calendar featuring 12 amazingly talented illustrators. Each month depicts a different neighborhood. I preordered mine through Lamington Drive Gallery, where the launch was (which i would have loved to go, but real world job got the better of me!). This is going to look great on my wall in the office, it harmoniously goes with my colour scheme.
Design Files Calender - picture from OMG this site is amazing, I have been looking for and online store like this, everything you could possibly want for your wardrobe at your finger tips. And the best thing it they have FREE worldwide shipping for Christmas. I have been on the hunt for a nice black cocktail dress for a wedding and well, I don't think I found it here but I bought two other black dresses. At $60US each how can you go wrong!! I have spent countless hours looking at shoes, dresses, skirts, jeans you name it!!


ASOS Tailored Scoop Back Ponti Fit and Flare Dress 



ASOS Peterpan Collar Open Back Dress


Not long til Christmas now...... Lets get our shop on!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gifted Magazine

OMG.......Going through my Google Reader today and I came accross this new magazine from Creature Comforts Blog called Gifted. It is amazing. It is jammed packed with Christmas gift ideas and DIY projects. I love it! Check it out. Also our Dollar is nearly equal with the US so it is the perfect time to shop shop and perfect for Christmas.

Over and Out.... Lady Fable xxx

Monday, October 18, 2010

Being on Holidays is Lovely......

Ok.... I said I was going to be good and blog a lot when I was away and I haven't. but I just wanted to say going on holidays is the best thing in the world. I make a vow now to never rack up 10 weeks annual leave from my real world job, ever, again.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lady Fable's Holiday Essentials

When I go on holidays, I keep it simple. I few dresses, tees and tanks, and of course 3-4 pairs of swimmers. But the things that I can't go without are my products. Listed below are my MUST Have holiday products:

  1. Juuce Sea Salt Spray - available from Petra Haircare ($25.95) - This is a beauty, the last thing you want to do when you are way is blow drying and straightenig your hair, this spray give your hair a texture and finish of tousled beach hair, awesome and very HOLIDAY
  2. Sunscreen - I love to use Toddler sunscreen on my face as i don't get break outs and it is affordable. and for the rest of my bod i use a 30+ Coconut spray.
  3. Aftersun Care - you can't go wrong and must pack Aloe Vera, and a good body moisturiser. (Funny story: I asked Lord Fable to by me some moisturer before we left as I had no time to get to the store and he bought triple moisterising BODY WASH instead, very cute, made me giggle!)
  4. Make up: A Bronzer and Lip Gloss. Simple and Easy. I recommend that you have your eyelashes tinted too, I had no time before I left so I have reluctantly packed my mascara.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Online Zine: Adore Home Magazine

A new home magazine has been launched and I am featuring it as it is an Australia creation Founded and created by designer Loni Parker. Adore Home has a crisp and refreshing layout with and abundance inspiration for your home. I especially like the home office feature as I am looking for new ideas for my home office in my palace.

Another feature that is close to my heart is travel bags, I don't think that there is enough nice functional bags out in the market. Adore features some. I love graphic prints!!

This issue has a spring theme. Full of 68 pages of loveliness, I highly recommend a look-see. Below are some grabs from the launch issue.

Cover of the Launch Issue

Home Office Organization

Love the configuration of random pictures

Close to my heart: Travel Bags

Pretty Little Things

I just got and email from Oye Modern of there new items, Maybe a little early for Christmas shopping but I had to share these beauties. These origami pendants are adorable. You can get a bunny, a parrot, a lion. Designed by French design team Claire & Arnaud they have created a line of perfectly folded origami shapes in Gun Metal Grey.  I want one!

These are currently out of stock with a 2-3 week wait, but it is so worth it for these cuties!!

Claire & Arnaud Swan, Oye Modern, AUD $150

Ok, I'm a Bad Blogger

OK, I am a bad blogger, it has been one month and four days since my last post. My excuse, life. Slightly dramatic but I have had no time to scratch myself. My plan is to redeem myself over the next two weeks. How? You may ask. Well I am on holidays, I have escaped the real world. Many of my friends think that I am made for taking my laptop with me on my heavenly holiday, but for me, my laptop and my phone are my security blanket.

I have escaped to Thailand for 12 whole nights and I am here to relax, eat, drink, get a lovely tan and catch up on my blog. I love Lady Fable and I find it relaxing updating it and telling my few readers what I have been doing and what I love.

So Lord and Lady Fable are staying in Phuket, near Rawaii Beach. I am a creature of habit and this is the third time I have stayed at the Evason.  I have come in October three times in the last four years. Yes it is wet season but we still get some lovely weather. (However. as I am typing this post however it is absolutely pouring with rain). And the prices to stay here at this time are dirt cheap!

The Evason is huge, three pools (one which is adults only, for tranquil peace and quiet) as private island that is a 10 minute longtail boat ride from the resort, 5 resturants, this list goes on and one. The great thing is it is away from the hustle and bustle. 30mins car ride from Patong, where is is tourist central and in my eyes not really relaxing.

Pictures of my trip to follow and also I need to finish my blog posts from my August trip, Naughty Lady Fable

Monday, September 6, 2010

New York, I love you

Next stop is New York. My favourite city in the world. I describe it as and onion, each time I go i find something new, i peel away another layer, a new shop and new coffee house that I love. New York in the summer is painfully humid but according to the locals I had missed most of it and I was blessed with comfortable, balmy weather.

I arrive on a Friday night. The traffic is choas but the great thing is all cabs are capped at $45US + plus tolls and your tip. I make it to my hotel. I was staying at the Soho Grand, this is a uber cool boutiquw hotel where, if you are lucky you will have a celebrity spotting moment, but I was not so lucky. The staff there are great and if you are traveling alone you have the option at check to have a goldfish placed in your room for company. I took up the goldfish option and named it Sandy. Don't ask me why, it was the first name that came to my head (it was a black bug eyed fish, so it makes no sense at all!)

Sandy the Bog Eyed Fishy

Soho is a great area for High Street Chains that you can find on Broadway, but Soho is well known for its smaller streets with great art galleries, furniture stores, resturants and cool loft apartments. This area has been tainted by the chain store, but I still love walking through the streets, looking at the great buildings and stores.

View from my room at the Soho Grand 

Check in Came with Champers!! Lovely

Next Post I will touch on the rest to my New York. I will cover a few place to eat, great coffee, and my favourite things I do when I am in the Big Apple. (Sorry for delay on this, i am very much behind!)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pardon my absence

Hi All,

I Have been a bad blogger. The last two weeks have flown and I am now home from my crazy trip for work. My plan is to have a blog catch up weekend. Stay tuned.

Lots of Love

Lady Fable

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Los Angeles - Santa Monica - Day One

I Spent the first to days of my tour in La. I stayed at Loewes on the Beach in Santa Monica for convenience. As it is summer holidays the hotels in the area are pretty pricing.  It is close to shops, so i don't have to drive.

I was so lucky to get a room as soon as I arrived. There is nothing worse than not having a shower after a 14.5 hour flight. Oh Joy. So I freshened up and made my way on foot to 3rd Street Promenade and Santa Monica Place.

Santa Monica Place is a new revamped shopping centre that has taken over two years to complete. I was very excited as it only opened last week and I got to take a look see. Nike has launched a new store, Bloomingdales is there and a number of other big name brands. CB2, the little sister of Crate and Barrel is also there. It was my first experience in one of there stores, if I could i would have bought several things for the Palace but there is always the issue with Luggage.....It is an outdoor mall with a massive dining area with bars and resturants.I found that there still were a lot of stores that weren't open like Tiffany's and LV.

Santa Monica was pumping and there seemed to be more tourists than locals, the Promenade was insanely busy. Here you can find most of the Chain stores. Zara, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Anthropoglie, Abercrombie, American Eagle, Gap and the list goes on.

I did find the best art bookstore ever. Hennessey + Ingalls, I could have spent hours in here there and spent a bomb, but books weigh too much and lugging them on my trip was not worth it. The best thing about the states is Design books are so cheap in comparison to home, and the range of books that they have is amazing. The store i visited is just off the promenade on Wilshire Bvld.

After a long day the Jet Lag starts to kicking and I am reminded I have have all but 3 hours sleep in a span of 34 or so hours.  So I trek back to the hotel and get room service and hit the sack early.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What one does when their hard drive fails!

I can only explain it in one word....HELL. Three weeks ago the night before a big presentation at work my Mac blue screened. Deep breaths. My mac doctor then informed me the next day that my hard drive had failed. They funny thing is that while my computer was showing me nothing more than a blue screen, I was watching an ep of Sex in the City where Carrie's computer "Sad-Mac-ed" her.

I never realised how much I depend on my computer. I have not been able to blog for nearly a month because of it. I was very lucky that Lady Fable has great friends who let me borrow their computer at night and at work so that I could still execute my real job and stay connected to the social media world at night.

I have survived and my computer has had a lobotomy and now running like a dream. Fingers Crossed.

I am currently sitting in the Qantas lounge at Melbourne, waiting to get on a flight to La. I am flying in the new A380 which is a little exciting!! Six months has flown and i am off for my next trend trip for Summer 11. Very excited. This is the first time I am going without Queen Elizabeth as she is expecting a Prince or Princess.

I hope to post as much as possible while I am away of all the things I discover and experience.

Over and Out
Lady Fable

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Market Day in the City!

I have had one of the best days today. The sun was beaming down on Melbourne as I trekked into the city reasonably early to head to the Melbourne Design Market. Held on the 3rd level of the Fed Square car park, I arrive and there are people everywhere.  Only a small market but highly popular. Lots of my favourite online stores had a stall. Popular due to the market only being held twice a year, July and December. Notemaker, Best in Park, Ute, Design Dispensary, to name a few. Or at least the ones that caught my eye!

butterfly coat rack, Ute Design, $129AUD

Link Placemats, Set of 6, Ute Design, $49.95AUD

Next stop was the MarkIt in the atrium at fed square, coincidentally two markets on at the same time within a stone throw of each other. Gold! This market was ten times more packed to the rafters that the Design Market. Unfortunately I couldn't get to all the stalls as I was not willing to take on all the prams and pushers. My favs were Bride & Wolfe, Bonasera, Lola & Bailey.

There was way too many people here which was a shame, the way they configured the markets was a nightmare. Was worth going, just don't like having to fight for to get a look in. Most of the stalls have a online presence where you can purchase online, which I plan to do.

After this I strolled the long way back to my car via Laurent for coffee and one of their scrummy custard donuts. Then a little shop, shop for me and then made my way back home to the Palace.

Perfect weather, Perfect Day!

Monday, July 5, 2010

I came, I saw, I'm tumbling

Some of my favourite Bloggers have set up Tumblr accounts. The Design Files and Meet me at Mikes, to name a few. I love the archive page, it shows every post, the water falling images are great!

So I have started one. It is taking me a while to work out how this works but slowly I am getting the swing of it.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pictures of You, Pictures by Me.....

Well the weekend has flown, so for today's post I thought I would post a few bits of my work. I love illustration and was wanting to do this when I left Uni, but have gone down a different path which has opened my eyes to a different aspect of design and business (but that is another story). I miss doing my illustrations and I struggle to find the time to do them. These are two that I painted on canvas and now live on the Palace's wall.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Lady O Lovin - Benefit

So how many times have you been trying to kill time, walk through a department store beauty department and get accosted by a sales girl? Well I am a sucker.

Recently a sat down for a "mini makeover" at a Benefit counter. I had never used their product before, I had always assumed that the product was all about the kitsh names and packaging. I have been recently converted and wanted to share my new found make up love.

Benefit Love #1 - Hello Flawless
Hello perfect finish. Light and fluffy powder. 

 Benefit Love #2 - Stay Don't Stray
Great Primer that gives you are perfect base on the eyes.

Benefit Love #3 - Erase Paste
This stuff is magic! It eliminates those dreadful dark circles around the eyes! Brilliant!

So I ended up spending over $200 on make up I didn't need but I have now ditched the old stuff and am madly in love with Benefit.

Benefit is available at most Myer stores.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Amsterdam - Citizen M

Ok, this is a little random, but I went to Amsterdam on my last trip and I drafted this post while I was there. For some reason I didn't post it. So now I am.

I am in Amsterdam for the weekend. On researching on where to stay I came across Citizen M. They have two locations in Amsterdam, the Airport and Amsterdam City. I stayed at the City Hotel. Situated a 10 minute tram ride from the city centre, it is a great boutique hotel.

I arrive to self check-in. All through a nifty touch screen computer. You activate your own room card that also doubles as a luggage tag to use when you leave. Cute and yet a constant reminder of where you stayed everytime you look at your luggage.

The rooms are simple and basic. The Shower and the toilet are in glass cylinders with sliding doors.  You can adjust the mood of the room and the lights change in the shower and toilet cubicles.

The other cute thing about this place is the travel related quotes on the doors.

The lobby is full of lovely modern furniture.

I really enjoyed staying here, lovely and very cool. And most of all it was reasonably priced for a European Hotel. To thumbs up from the Lady,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Robin Street Market

Some months ago I came across a new online store, well a market. Robin Street Market is a online store of a handmade goodies from all around the world.

You can buy everything from everywhere, from America, UK, Europe and Asia. As well as Australia. You can get accesories, homewares and art. The list goes on and on. They also have a blog.

Robin Street is all about buying unique gifts, wears and goodies. This give you luxury of buying from many market stalls from all around the world from the comfort of your own home. Robin Street gives you a brief Bio on the artists and if available a link to their website.

I thought I would share my purchase, a Linocut print of red teacups by Narelle Badalassi. See Below. Narelle is based in Blackmans Bay in Tassie. Unfortunately there is none of these left.

If I save my pennies I have put the following on my wish list as my next purchase.

"Atom" Rectangle Cushion Cover by Sarah Robinson
Bangkok, Thailand

(RIGHT) Limited Edition Print "Summer Dream" by Dilka Nassarova
Trieste, Italy

 (LEFT) Print "In The Woods"by Carolina Grönholm
Stockholm, Sweden

I love the idea and worth a look. Support this new site and buy a little something for yourself or someone else. My teacups look pretty on my wall.

Take a look, it is worth it.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Christmas Presents that last all year

I love subscriptions as pressies, they last all year round. There is nothing quite like getting home from a long day at work and finding the new copy of Frankie in the letterbox. Love it! I shall read and report tomorrow. Goodnight Cherubs. x


I came across website last night, I am not sure how I got to it, but I am glad I did. Naomi Murrell is an Adelaide based creative who make wooden and perspex jewellery, letterpress cards, cushions and Pretty screen prints.

The Prints caught my eye. I am always looking for a pretty addition to the Palace's new wall. The great thing is that the prints fit perfectly in a Ikea Ribba Frame. I heart this Hope Pear screen print (AUD$55) and her whole store. Great Pressies, and I know I special someone that will love this.

Hope Pear screen print (AUD$55)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hidden Coffee Gem: St Ali South Melbourne

Today one of my dearest friends took took me to St Ali in South Melbourne. Named after the patron saint of coffee, it is hidden down Yarra Place off Coventry Street. Housed in a converted warehouse, you would have not known if it was down this pokey little side street if it wasn't for the crowd of people outside waiting to get a table. Across the Place from St Ali is a "Waiting Bay". Here they make you coffee while you wait for you table.

We were lucky, we only had to wait 5mins for our table as we were a "two". Communal eating is the way we are seated. Staff were friendly and super bubbly for a sunday morning.

We get our coffee. OMG it was amazing, the best coffee I have had in ages. Two enthusiatic thumbs up on the coffee. The roast on the premises and can be purchased to take home

Next order my Brunch! I peruse through the menu, and St Ali have put a different spin on there breakfast/brunch. I am a traditionalist when it comes to breakfast, I am a poached eggs and bacon type of girl. So i cringed slightly at the menu of their breakfast with a twist. My friend tells me that Matt Preston is a regular and he always orders "My Mexican Cousin" which consists of corn fritters and poached eggs. Which after waiting nearly 40mins they arrived at the table (which didn't bother me as I was too busy talking and admiring the disjointed, industrial interior. They meal was different and great but the chutney that accompanied it was a little too much (Remember Lady Fable is a traditionalist when it comes to Brunch).

All in all a good experience. Loved the coffee. And also loved how this place is tucked away with no signage. The crowd outside showed how popular it is.

Open for breakfast and coffee 7 days and Dinner from Wednesday through Saturday.

St Ali
12-18 Yarra Place
South Melbourne, Vic, 3205

Ps. i am kicking myself for not taking pics!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My First Decorating Project: Dining @ the Fable Palace

White walls everywhere and what to do. I have been inspired by scandinavian design for the last couple of months. I have been scouring the internet for inspiration for my little place.

I blogged about a bus roll I purchased some months ago and i decided that this would be the centre piece of the dining area in my palace. So I got this beauty framed at The Picture Box in Lygon street East Brunswick.

Next was the dining tables and chairs. The chairs were easy as i know what i wanted from day one, Eames Dining Chairs. I got these from Replica Furniture in Abbotsford. The Guys here are were really great and were a lot more friendly that other Furniture Company that i visited.

The dining table was something I was searching for weeks, but i could not find what I was after. My Last stop was Ikea. And i hit the Jackpot and bought this extendable table. This best thing is it was a steal for $229.

Lastly is my lamp. I came accross this by accident. I was walking down Brunswick Street and went into Thomas Gannon for a look and I found this lamp. A nice addition I think.

Table Accessories were gifts from friends, table runner from Ikea and the large vase is from Target Home.

Close up of my framed bus roll

Excuse my absence

Well I have been missing in action for some months. I am sorry and I have wanted to share some of my adventures and tales for so long but have not found the time to sit down and type. :)

So what has the past couple of months involved?? I have seen some of the most beautiful cities in the world, but my big milestone is purchasing my own apartment. Over the next couple of weeks I will share with you what i have done around the the place and some of my decorating.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lady is Lucky!

I am lucky enough to have a day job that allows me to travel. I am off for 3.5 weeks on a trend research trip.

Stopping in several cities. Stayed tuned as I post my findings of my trip, whether it will be a lovely place to eat, shop, play or just something magnificent that i would like to share.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Surviving Cattle Class

In just under a month, Lady Fable takes off for a work adventure around the world. Coincidentally I received a link to "How to look good in economy class" from The Age Traveller newsletter today. So I have decided to give one of my tips.

Long haul flights drain the life out of you and your skin, Clarins Beauty Flash balm will keep your face hydrated and your skin will feel somewhat normal at the other end of the flight. I won't leave the country without it

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, $60 AUD, Adore Beauty

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPhone addict....

I officially have iphone envy! Lord Fable has just got one and does not appreciate technology, so I kidnapped it over the weekend and downloaded some great free and rather cheap Apps.

Firstly, I have been admiring Mr Jason Grants blog and his great pics.  Jason is the Style Director for Real Living Magazine. He touches on his adventures, great places to shop and of course what he gets up to at Real Living,

His Pics are great, nice saturated colour, grainy Polaroid looking images. So I asked him what he used if it was film or digital. To my surprise he told me it was all on his iphone with a tricky app. That app being ShakeItPhoto. For only $1.19 through the iTunes store it is a steal.

The coolest thing about this App is that you take the pick, the poloroid slides down the screen and the you "shake it like a Polaroid Picture" and Wala, one pretty photo. Obsessed is the only way I can describe it. I took photos are you can see above of everything, mindane yet still kind of cool. An one of me too.

Another great app is MoreLomo. It is free which is even better. It replicates a Lomo camera. I love this. My pics of mundane things are below. I love the colour!!


Now I just have to get my own iPhone.
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