Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I have turned to Butter!

One of my dearest friends gave me some Butter London nail lacquer for Christmas. I have always been loyal to OPI over the years but I have been converted.

The star of the show is there Flawless base coat. It stops nail staining, which is amazing!! Concealer for your nails is the only way to describe it. It hides imperfections such as ridges and leave your nails with a silky smooth finish. I have worn my nails with just this and a clear top coat for the last week.

To top of this great product the colours that the have a bright, vivid and on trend. I was given Snog, hot pink, bright and bubbly colour. Butter London are a 3 Free company which means no toxic chemicals such as  Fomaldehyde, Toluene and DBP are used in their lacquers, which have had links to cancer, birth defects and respiratory problems.

The Top Coat is also great with its quick drying and has a high gloss finish. Which is great for me as I always seam to stuff up a nail or three due to me being so impatient!!

Butter London is available from Kleins Perfumery, 313 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

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