Monday, December 28, 2009

Babicka's Christmas Biscuits

We have no word of a lie enough left over Pork and Turkey in our fridge to last us 2 weeks of lunches!!

But the one thing that I love about Christmas is my Babicka's (Grandma in Czech) Christmas biscuits. It is the only time of the year she makes them and as she is getting older the amount that she makes is getting smaller.

Yummy Jam Filled Biscuits with icing sugar (My Favorite)

I have been eating these over the last 2 days so that i can actually get some. Otherwise the sticky fingers of my Brother will get to them before me!

The thing is with these biscuits is my Babicka will not give me the recipes. These biscuits have been in the family and a Christmas Tradition for so long, i would like to carry on the tradition. She has always been funny in regards to recipe sharing for years. I have asked for a book with all her recipes in it for many years for my Birthday and Christmas and have yet to get it.
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