Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All I want for Christmas #2

I have had my eye on this little gem for a long time, Elk accessories. They have always been online but in the past couple of months they opened their retail store in Plenty Road, Preston.

Here they have a wide range of accesories, bags, tees, hats and much more. You can buy online or go directly to the retail site. The store is gorgeously merchandised.

I restrained myself in my purchasing but I wiped of four presents off my list and maybe one for myself. Below is one of the great wooden brooches I purchased. Gift Wrapping was also complimentary. Just one other thing I don't need to worry about. Excellent!
Shady Brooch, AUD $22.00

395 plenty road,
victoria 3072
ph: 3 9478 1800

fax: 3 9478 8864

1 comment:

Natasha Burns said...

Looks great Carrie!
Your blog is gorgeous, I'm loving the silver pencil shaving necklace. Can I be that best friend?!!
You were beautiful on Saturday, it was lovely seeing you. Hope you were able to walk yesterday!
I just did a blog post on the wedding, you might like to see the pics. Tried to upload them to facebook but the upload page was going haywire.
Have a lovely Christmas! Natasha :)

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