Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I have turned to Butter!

One of my dearest friends gave me some Butter London nail lacquer for Christmas. I have always been loyal to OPI over the years but I have been converted.

The star of the show is there Flawless base coat. It stops nail staining, which is amazing!! Concealer for your nails is the only way to describe it. It hides imperfections such as ridges and leave your nails with a silky smooth finish. I have worn my nails with just this and a clear top coat for the last week.

To top of this great product the colours that the have a bright, vivid and on trend. I was given Snog, hot pink, bright and bubbly colour. Butter London are a 3 Free company which means no toxic chemicals such as  Fomaldehyde, Toluene and DBP are used in their lacquers, which have had links to cancer, birth defects and respiratory problems.

The Top Coat is also great with its quick drying and has a high gloss finish. Which is great for me as I always seam to stuff up a nail or three due to me being so impatient!!

Butter London is available from Kleins Perfumery, 313 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Babicka's Christmas Biscuits

We have no word of a lie enough left over Pork and Turkey in our fridge to last us 2 weeks of lunches!!

But the one thing that I love about Christmas is my Babicka's (Grandma in Czech) Christmas biscuits. It is the only time of the year she makes them and as she is getting older the amount that she makes is getting smaller.

Yummy Jam Filled Biscuits with icing sugar (My Favorite)

I have been eating these over the last 2 days so that i can actually get some. Otherwise the sticky fingers of my Brother will get to them before me!

The thing is with these biscuits is my Babicka will not give me the recipes. These biscuits have been in the family and a Christmas Tradition for so long, i would like to carry on the tradition. She has always been funny in regards to recipe sharing for years. I have asked for a book with all her recipes in it for many years for my Birthday and Christmas and have yet to get it.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from Miss Fable

Well it has approached us, Christmas Day! I wish all a Merry Christmas. Today is about family, friends and eating way too much food.

I celebrate with family on the Christmas Eve and the best thing about it is my 5 year old cousin. As cute as a button, asked me all night when we could open the presents. It reminded me of when I was that age asking the same question to my Mum. Oh to be little again.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
Love Miss Fable

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All I want for Christmas #2

I have had my eye on this little gem for a long time, Elk accessories. They have always been online but in the past couple of months they opened their retail store in Plenty Road, Preston.

Here they have a wide range of accesories, bags, tees, hats and much more. You can buy online or go directly to the retail site. The store is gorgeously merchandised.

I restrained myself in my purchasing but I wiped of four presents off my list and maybe one for myself. Below is one of the great wooden brooches I purchased. Gift Wrapping was also complimentary. Just one other thing I don't need to worry about. Excellent!
Shady Brooch, AUD $22.00

395 plenty road,
victoria 3072
ph: 3 9478 1800

fax: 3 9478 8864

Saturday, December 5, 2009

All I want for Christmas #1

I was looking for something for my Best Friend for and came across this great Pencil Shaving necklace from Oye Modern.

Made from Sterling Silver, comes in either blue and red pencil. It will set you back $200Au, but is worth every penny.

The Necklace is designed By Victoria Mason and Oye Modern has some great pieces made by Victoria and other designers.

I recommend this site for the Christmas gift for that person that has everything and like jewellery with a quirky twist.

Christmas Present Bought.
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